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Video Earning Changes

Hey Rewards users –

We wanted to give you a heads up on a change you might notice tomorrow.  We will be changing quite a few of our videos from daily earning to weekly earning, a small few will change to monthly.  There will still be plenty of daily videos that continue to allow for daily earning.  


AARP continuously evaluates earning activities, removes old ones, adds new ones, and changes frequency of earning based on program needs. 




So we express displeasure for rewards points not being worth what they used to be a few years ago. Is it possible that AARP making points a bit harder to stockpile, that we might be on a path to make them worth something again?

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Some of us pay for bandwidth. This means I'll have to watch longer videos without any guarantee I'll earn the points at the conclusion of the video.

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I have determined that if you do EVERY available video under 3 minutes, you'll have just enough videos to get the maximum points daily.  This is around 230 monthly, 40 weekly (repeated every week), and 14 daily (repeated daily).  Of course you can obtain points by other methods.  So it will not be necessary to watch the 10 minute ones that someone suggested.  However it will probably take 2 hours daily for the under 3 minute ones.  Some members have alleged the website works poorly when more are trying to use the website.  I worry it will never work properly with these new restrictions.

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Sorry but this was a terrible idea, no way I'm doing a 10 minute video then get no credit for it.


Well, I guess instead of turning the sound off and playing videos while we watch TV, we can now get more work done around the house.  We can queue up a 30 minute video and go out and mow the grass or shovel snow off the sidewalk.  Rinse and repeat.  Or we can just forget about it and use other rewards programs to get our discounts.  Time will tell.  When I can no longer maintain a large total of points, eventually it will run out, as will I.

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I just completed the video watching for the day so am a day's experience worth qualified to pass judgement on this post.


How anyone could post the original message of this thread and look at themselves in the mirror without being embarrassed is beyond me.  I love the way the original message says people MIGHT notice a difference.  Then, she goes on to say there will still be plenty of videos by which to earn this inflation of needed points for cheap gift cards (pardon my editorializing on the gift card worth as an add) is such a blatant falsehood its ridiculous.  Even if you don't play these videos for points, you should have an inkling how the videos will run out before a month unless you are so bored with your life that you thrive on 10-50 minute videos.   Allow folks to take quizzes multiple times and this video nonsense is minimal.  But that would be an improvement and that is as much the AARP way as new Coke was a way back when.


This is terrible.   I might not even renew my membership after this.  I enjoyed the rewards program and my favorite videos were the relaxation ones.  Now they can only earn rewards once a week.  I am not going to do 25 10 minute exercise videos every day to get to my daily limit.  Such a stupid change from AARP.  Letting people earn points costs them nothIng, but taking it away pisses people off.  


I agree. Short videos got me through early morning warm-ups. We just got through several weeks, or was it months, of points not being recorded, Now some of the more popular videos for early morning warm-ups are 30-40 min long. I guess it's good for business but in my view, these changes are not so good for users.

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Hi PamelaA

count me in the group that is annoyed

this change is so stupid, smoke & mirrors

this is another means of limiting the number of points earnings

AGAIN, messing with stuff that don’t need fixing and not fixing the stuff that needs fixing. “Even a blind mule don’t trip over the same rock twice”


By changing many Health videos that were popular from daily to weekly, AARP is saving money at the expense of the video initiators (Denise Austin, the yoga instructors....) and of course at the members' expense.

Unless AARP had bought the videos outright, then it's only at the members' expense.

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well put

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Based on what I saw this morning (most every daily I normally do is now a weekly and there are very few daily videos), it is now going to be more difficult to earn 7,500 points per day doing videos to go with the fact that we have less and less quality items for which to redeem those points.  The sweepstakes already wiped out more than the daily allowance every day, and now AARP is making it even more difficult to cover those entries.  It is becoming less and less desirable to even belong to AARP.  

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Why?  Really...Why?
It can't be because we are earning "too many" points, can it?
This is a BIG change. I'm a fan of the Rewards Program and I appreciate when improvements are made to the program.  However, this change is nothing but bad.
My point total is down a 50% points from last year and, even before this change in video points availability, I'm headed for 0 points in the coming year.
I don't understand how members who consistently earn as much as we can nearly every day cannot keep up with the increased points needed to enter 1,000 and 1,500 point per day sweepstakes and a few, predominantly, $5 rewards each month.
Frankly, we need to be able to earn 10,000 to 12,000 points per day rather than 7,500 because of previous expensive changes that served "program needs."
We need a lot of short daily videos to replace the videos that are no longer daily because of the change in "... frequency of earning based on program needs."
I can't believe we are earning too many points.  So, Why? Why?
Thank you in advance for your reply.
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Hi Andrew

You ask why this adminstrator opted for this video earnings change ? Well sadly you were correct on your thoughts that we were earning too many rewards points which in turn made them very uncomfortable. You mentioned improvements that were made in this program which are very few when compared to the problems admin created. Hope you get that reply you asked for, but I doubt it. 
This is what I think of the new change.




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I submit this knowing full well it will get no consideration based on the insensitivity that permeates through AARP in response to the mediocrity this program has fallen victim to since inception, it not even sooner.


While its nice that we get this heads up, let me divulge some breaking news.  There's an inflation cycle going on in this country at record speed.  But here in AARP land, allowance for more than 3 winnings per month, allowing for more than 7500 points a day and stablizing point requirements to claim prizes have not gone in favor of the AARP patrons one iota.  Point requirements for e cards and the like have gone up faster than egg prices.  Heaven forbid that we should have 5 "prizes" per month and be allowed to get 10K points per day, and what ever happened to getting points for steps which for whatever reason is still posted all over on the site, but deader than a dinosaur


So with more than complete confidence, I will predict, these "changes" will provide great comedy as it will become more challenging to play these videos with a point goal that takes less time rather than cutting the patrons a break who often invested close to double the time with this long winded period of delays to credit points that has now at least temporarily disappeared.


But thank the heavens above that whenever you call in, the AARP puppets are sure to break the news to you that you have been an AARP member for x amount of time for which they thank you.


Very, very empty words.



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