$25 Target Instant Win????????????

I see this is a $25 card and there are 25 winners,  When you look at the disclosures it says you must enter by April 30.  So 30 days and only 25 winners.  That's not even 1 per day.  And if you try to check the Official Rules ------ there aren't any.  What is going on here?  Is this something new to make us think we are getting a higher gift card but in reality you have almost no chance to win it?

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This whole $25 Target Instant Win fiasco stinks to high heaven.

The disappearance of this IW gift card is the only result of the 4/5/23 schedule maintenance that I can see. They surely did not fix the technical difficulties did they. 

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Nobody does Denise like @Therapist4u 



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And Denise was singing 🎤....

🎶Nobody does it better.....

🎵Though sometimes I wish someone could....

Nobody does it betterNobody does it better



Take care ☮️ ~Allen 🌈 PEACE!


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I can't take credit for the "Only family and friends..." comment.  I was laughing at what Kelly wrote.  I'm sure that there were mistakes and we just are not kept informed when a Rewards game disappears without notice and it was not to end until "April 30, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. ET."


I mean why waste the bandwidth and the mini-bytes to keep us in the loop, huh?


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Hello everyone 🤗. I'm just wondering 🤔 how come that $25 Target gift card disappeared. It gets you wondering if someone intentionally slide that gift card for like @andrewtoo said Friends and Family. Never has there been a Instant Win Game for those amount of points and for a $25 gift card. Something 🦨. As I saw other people saw fluttering on the device. I feel that AARP Rewards should make a 2x adjustment of the points anyone used. Or maybe some $25 gift cards for points as a keep quiet please. Is this why they're having maintenance again? Because I believe only certain people was supposed to see that. I'm just saying 

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"The Target GC is gone, now. Only family and friends were able to get it. "


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That @andrewtoo is funny 😄

Denise Austin’s ready to bust a gut laughing.JPG


Denise Austin’s ready to bust a gut laughing🤣

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@AARPTeri @AARPJanelleM 


Yes, @JoLo49 


I didn't get a chance to enter because I thought the Rewards program

would post the official rules for this Instant Win game and I would enter

as I usually do, via the free method.


The tile is missing and also the official rules, to my knowledge, did not post?

Any insight from the moderators?




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The Target GC is gone, now. Only family and friends were able to get it. 😉

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@AARPJanelleM @AARPTeri 


Hello Ladies,


I still can't find the official rules for this game even though the Instant win "tile" in the online catalog clearly states that the Official Rules have an "alternate method of entry, odds and all details."  So, I would assume from the standard disclosure (shown below) that there is a free method of entry available for this month long instant win game.


Can we get some help and get the official rules posted where we can find them please?


Thanks so much!

Andrewtoo 🙃🙂🙃

Target GiftCard Instant Win*

50 Points$25 Value

Play for a chance to be 1 of 25 winners!


Play our instant win game for your chance to win this prize! We're offering up the chance to win one of 25 Target GiftCards. Target GiftCards are the rewarding choice, letting you shop for thousands of items at more than 1,800 Target stores in the U.S. and online at From toys and electronics to clothing and housewares, find exactly what you're looking for at Target.

Redeem 50 Points to Play



*No Points Necessary. See Official Rules for alternate method of entry, odds and all details. Must enter by April 30, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Void where prohibited. Limit 1 play each “Day” (defined as 12:00 a.m. ET through 11:59 p.m. ET) per person. Open only to AARP Rewards participants who reside in the 50 U.S. (D.C.). Void in PR, Guam and the USVI.

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The Target $25 Instant Win disappeared today.  Thought this was supposed to continue to the end of April.

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@JoLo49 @KellytheBelly @andrewtoo 

Hey gang... Strange it was there early hrs of morn I played it for points (not free entry) just b4 6AM EST didn't win but it was there

Just noticed they going do 'maintenance' tonight Wed 2PM 🤷‍♀️maybe fixing it?

Have a beautiful one

Ginger :  )

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Good morning to all 🤗. Yeah and when I tried for the free method that gift card was not there. You know I really didn't even notice the 25 winners. How many members and non members 🤔. Right now I'm really upset because while replying to this topic and ( this isn't the first time) half of my reply is gone. The page on its own just reloaded. It's not my tablet. After writing about 10 lines the page started fluttering. I know someone is laughing at me right now but I'm serious. This is not me being paranoid. Hope everyone knows that all we have to do is type in a key word and Boom everything is gone 😂 well I'm done for now but I'll be back. I'm just saying 

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There may be some laughing but I'm not.  All that you have experienced has also happened to me.  Can any of you tech people explain the fluttering?   I was afraid my phone had something wrong with it.

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I've been wondering about this target instant win situation too.  Doesn't seem quite right to me either.  Am I just wasting my points entering a contest that doesn't exist???   Also seems fishy that there are two topgolf instants going on at the same time too.   The rules state  each one will have one hundred twenty five $10 certificates awarded.  But I am worried about it being only one contest instead of two. What is really going on?????

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Hey Shamit / all

Wow I didn't even notice/ read that... Yes it states as you posted 25 winners till April 30th with 1 play per day STRANGE INDEED! 😱

I did however notice & posted elsewhere that there's 8 Instant Win Games Not usual 7... so now I'm wondering if it's meant to be a 'MONTHLY' Instant Win? Which in my thoughts not bad idea...50 points Once a day = 1500 points for chance win $25 gift card Whereas if were a Sweeps it'd cost more points....🤷‍♀️ Maybe just maybe they are trying introduce a new offer to win ??¿¿?? Cause currently they are keeping offer of 8 Instant wins per day That'd be anybody's guess but I'm indeed curious now... thanks for bringing awareness to what I just assumed & didn't read

Have a beautiful blessed day! 

Ginger  :  >

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Do you think if they do give away 25 gift cards in 25 days they will take the tile down or mark it SOLD OUT ha ha ha ROFL ROFL  

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Also if you click on the "Official Rules" link, it doesn't show up on that list.  Makes me wonder if it is even a real entry, but they do deduct your points when you play it.

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