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No dental for you

Dentists are private so they can pick which insurance to avoid using. There are 2 insurances every single Dentist in the USA Will not accept (Yes you read that right every dentist in America do not and will not take these)

1. Medicare

2. Medicaid

Both AARP and United Health care have Medicaid and Medicare attached to them, which makes every dental portion of the plan/coverage 100% useless

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Check out all the information that AARP is posting. Here is a link for you to start with.

How to Calculate Out-of-Pocket Medicare Costs (

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you are so right.. very frustrating. My hubby has to use medicare for his dental (some crazy rule from his former employer) trying to locate a dentist who takes it (United health) sounds more like a mission impossible task. Our current dentist even said they will not take it because they never get their money from the insurance even if they initially agree to pay for it. (So I told them I would find another dentist (I am not on medicare yet... many years to go still 🙂 ) but I did not know there would be no dentist that we could turn to.. (I might have to eat my words and back track my way to my dentist...) very frustrating indeed...

we are also experiencing the same situation with eye care.. I spare you the details.

not sure why this problem is not being addressed since obviously this is a universal problem

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This is a very simple problem to fix but no one will actually do what needs to be done.

There needs to be a law that forces anyone in any type of medical to take insurance.


They chose the profession, so they should not be able to pick and choose. You know what happens to a doctor, nurse, or anyone else qualified as a medical professional, if they ignore the scene of an accident, they lose their license to practice. So how are dentists and optometrists exempt from not wanting to accept insurance

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My dentist charged about 50% less than when I had dental insurance because she did not have to go through the ordeal of filing a claim and trying to collect reimbursement.

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