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Have you had to look for a job lately and on the application they ask for your birthday ?  Is that the way they got around asking your age ?

Also, if anyone in the Maryland area is looking for a smart intelligent, loyal employee, get in touch with me.  I am having a horrible time procuring employment .  I don't need a hand out, I need a hand up.


My skill sets are awesome, yet I don't get any interiews or even phone cakls.  Please, if someone out therre can help please contact me <removed to protect your privacy>


Thank You all very much

I have to get out of thhis house.

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Age Discrimination in Job Search and the Workplace

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Have you experienced age discrimination? Laurie McCann is a Senior Attorney with AARP Foundation Litigation where her principal responsibilities include litigation and amicus curiae (impartial advisor) participation for AARP on a broad range of age discrimination and other employment issues.


Ask AARP Expert Laurie your questions about age discrimination, and share your experience.

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