stimulus checks for retired persons and those receiving social security benefits

when this was announced I assumed there would be no $1200 for me.  I am both retired and receiving SS benefits; therefore, I did not lose my job and my income is not affected in any way.  Reckon how many billions we (country) could have saved if retired persons and SS beneficiaries were excluded ?  Why did Jo Ann Jenkins proudly claim that AARP fought for this benefit in the May 2020 AARP Bulletin ?  As an AARP member I am ashamed to receive this. 

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Although I was in both categories (worked in 2018 and retired in 2019) I understood this to be an "economic stimulus" payment, so for example, since I can't go to the store (age 65) safely, I could now afford the delivery charge and tip (which I couldn't afford before).


Also, I could use the added funds to stock up on non-perishables in case things go sideways later in the year.


The remainder I shared with my children who are adults who lost employment, so think some of us have done that.


If you are in a position you don't really need this payment, probably you need to review your income tax filings for the last few years. Perhaps there is missing information that, on review, you didn't merit this payment...



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@RobertJ128175   If you don't want the stimulus payment you can always return it and ask that it go toward paying off the national debt. 

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great idea thanks

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