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Covid Stimulus Check when on SSD & Living Abroad?



I have researched and can't find an answer.


On the one hand US-based SSD recipients should "automatically" get a stimulus check -- the IRS states that the online tools "should not" be used even if one did not file a US tax return in 2018/2019. Nothing needs to be done as they have your direct deposit on file and will deposit the check in the same manner as SSD.


However, I have also read that the IRS cannot deposit checks into a foreign bank account, even if my monthly disability check IS direct deposited there. But there seems to be no way to contact them about where to send a physical check.


Social Security refers me to the IRS, but the IRS is not taking calls, so I'm in a loop w/ no answers.


I read that the IRS "may" be able to now deposit checks to foreign bank accounts when it is provided via the online tools, but those tools are not for people receiving automatic disability payments.


So I'm stuck wondering if I should just wait, or by my non-action, I wont receive anything.


Any ideas?



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