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Stimulus check letter

Upon checking the get my payment app, I received word that I would be receiving my check by direct deposit. I thought that you are supposed to get a letter in the mail to verify that you are getting one . My husband still hasn't received his and it was supposed to be deposited in his account on Apr 29th, but still no check , He does owe back support but he checked with his manager today, and  it was already taken out of his account on the 3rd of the month. They don't have any record of it going to them. So he has to wait for his manager to find out what happened to his check. 


 I am supposed to get mine on Wednesday, we shall see if it comes to fruition. I hope so we have Past Doctor bills that insurance wont cover, and don't need bill collectors along with all the other problems going on at the moment.


                                                         stay healthy  Nila


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Nila...The letter comes approximately 2 weeks AFTER you get your deposit. It's to notify you where your stimulus went and there's supposed to be instructions on what to do if you didn't receive it. Hard to tell about your husband's. I was supposed to have mine deposited in my bank account on April 29th also, and so far I've got nothing. And the Get My Payment tool still says Payment Info Is Not Available.
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The Letter is supposed to be from the IRS.  It was titled "White House  ----   Washington".

It was like a campaign letter from the man in the White House.  He was patting himself on the back for so proudly signing the CARES Act into law on March 27th.

There are no instructions in the letter for anything.  Only a 1-800 number to contact the IRS.

Good luck with that! 

The only information about the payment was the amount and how it was made:  direct deposit or mail.

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