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Re: Get your fraud and scam questions answered

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recently you published an number that we should dial on a cell phone if someone calls with an obvious scam.  i (stupidly) did not write it down and a few days later i got one of those phony calls that said it was the IRS and that i needed to call about some issue with my taxes.  i've read plenty on the subject and knew right away it was a scam but didn't have the number you published to punch into the phone so that it could be caught. 


can you please re-publish that number or (better yet) email it to me? 


@stephenarobbins, your email address was removed from this message for your own protention. 

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Get your fraud and scam questions answered

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Welcome to the Online Community! Have you or someone you know been a victim of fraud or want to know how to spot a scam online? Online scams and fraud happen every day to people just like you and we want to hear about it. AARP Expert Amy Nofziger is here to answer your questions about scams. Post below for your chance to share your experience and have your questions answered! 


About Amy: Amy Nofziger leads all of AARP Foundation Consumer Protection activities, including relationships with private foundations, Federal and State regulators, Attorney Generals, and local community partners. Amy also manages the AARP Fraud Helpline and is AARP’s subject matter expert on fraud and scams. She has been with the AARP Foundation since 2002. Amy has worked with The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Consumer Reports, The Dr. Phil show and many others on helping to shed light on fraud and exploitation of older adults.

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