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Sometimes, when I have a lot on my mind for a moment, my automatic routine kicks me in the wrong direction.

Last week, I had put away the milk after filling my bowl and had eaten my cereal as part of my breakfast. I was thinking about a dental appointment coming up along with a major purchase worth several hundred dollars I needed to take to UPS for return shipping back to the vendor for refund.

After rinsing the bowl and putting that into the dishwasher, I set up my after-breakfast coffee in the Den. On my way back to the kitchen with the coffee pot, while those issues I mentioned were going through my head, I opened the fridge. That jogged my thoughts enough that I realized the coffee pot needed to go back onto the coffee maker, not into the fridge.


Stay well and enjoy!



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Lol @Brightpool πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ Thanks for stopping by to chat with us!!!

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I have been using the SAME wipes from Dollar Tree for some time now BUT totally FORGOT their wipes OPEN by pushing down. Lol, here I am just now getting totally upset because I could NOT get container OPEN 😀 Then the lightbulb in my OLD head went on. Lol, just ADDED a NOTE TO SELF πŸ€£πŸ˜‚



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