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impossible to win instant awards

I'm deeply distrustful of the whole Rewards operation.


For one, I've gone through more than 400 consecutive Instant Wins and won nothing. NADA.


And why is that?  Anyone explain that?


And what about finding out some general information on who's winning the rewards sweepstakes? Is there any attempt on the part of the provider/operator or AARP Rewards to give out some information that explains there are real people winning the sweeps?


AND why can't the provider of AARP Rewards provide me a running total of my cumulative entries into a sweepstake? It used to do that, provide a running total on all my entries, but now it doesn't do that.


As always, I'm deeply skeptical of the people running this thing...





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It seems to be more difficult to win since the change of each Instant Win to last for 7 days.   I agree with HokiePoq that there may be something going on if someone is lucky enough to win repeatedly.  AARP tech support should investigate if these are legitimate wins and that no fraud is going on.

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@Tomsowa   I have not won anything since the change to make them last a week, not a day.   Everyone is seven times less likely to win, i think.    And then there's the issue of the same entity winning repeatedly.   Someone called our attention to this a while back.   I say entity because I don't think a single individual would be that lucky....a bot more likely.   With email "cards" rather than cards mailed to a real address, it made fraud easier.  With rewards being electronic, it's my opinion that they need to be members only.   That way an address would be linked to the winners.  City and state should be listed on the winners' lists like they used to be.   Hello World has rolled out the welcome mat for fraud compared to the last operator.

Instant win games are based on random computer generated winning times, so my strategy has been to play at different times on different days and occasionally even spread out my daily entries (i.e. play 2 out of the 7 entries in morning, another 3 in the afternoon and the remaining 2 in the evening etc). I've had some luck doing that. 


The rewards program could definitely use some improvements, but IMHO it is still relatively generous and being run with integrity. 

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I've not won anything since Oct 2020.  Before that I did win a few instant wins, $15 at Lowe's and B&N and $5 at Amazon and Land's End.

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I think so many more people are playing that decreases your odds of winning.  Besides, I believe that non-members can also play. 

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So far this year 1.25MM points used on instant wins and sweepstakes, Zero wins.  Fingers crossed on the April results...


I am also very frustrated with the system. I thought it was me. I stumbled onto this thread and now realize that I am in the same boat with everyone else. I actually stopped playing as it felt as though my account was flagged. 

I hope things change going forward so everyone has a better chance of winning. If not, maybe they should go back to the way it was before. 


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