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Which insurance company to pick for Medicare Regular or Advantage

How do you pick which insurance company to go with for your Medicare? 


I"m trying to pick a Medicare Plan and have all the Plan A to N from Medicare.  In Texas, there appear to be about 70 companies offering various policies. 


When I talk to individual agents they usually only handle a few companies and are being paid commission on their sales so I'm a little skeptical that medicare agents are going to focus on the handful of policies they want to sell. 


Where is the best place to get reviews or comments on people's experiences with the various companies?



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The best place to check out a Medicare Medigap (Medicare supplement insurance) insurer is your states Dept of Insurance.  


The Medigap plans themselves are set at the national level (Medicare) but the insurers and other specific rules concerning Medigap plans are set at the state level.  


Texas Dept of Insurance - Medicare supplement insurance guide 

from the link:  Medicare supplement policies are sold by private insurance companies that are licensed by TDI. But Medicare supplement benefits are set by the federal government.


  • Consider other things. Price should not be your only consideration. You can learn a company's complaint history by visiting the TDI website or by calling our Help Line at 800-252-3439. Also ask family and friends if they’ve had any experiences with the companies you’re considering.

Insurance Companies with Medigap plans in Texas 


I could not find the complaint section (but didn't look long) so you may have to call them on that - number is above ⬆️


Plan A is where the state of Texas parks all the people with disabilities with Medicare coverage - states have to offer at least one plan - some disabilities are high cost users so that may affect Plan A premiums.  Course when a disabled person hits 65, they can pick any plan cause they get to have a do-over, as well they should.





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Get your information straight from the horse’s mouth, ask your relatives, friends and acquaintances preferably in your state who their insurance carrier is and how happy they are with their plan. I think it’s better to hear it directly from a face-to-face source than some website.


Hopefully you know there is a huge difference between Medicare supplement lettered plans and advantage plans. Do your due diligence and understand the differences before you decide to commit to a plan. You’ll save yourself from a lot of migraines later if you do.

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Get your information straight from the horse’s mouth . . .


The only place to get accurate rate information is direct from the carrier.

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