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If you go to a pharmacy and they hand you a prescription then tell you it cost $160, you have the choice of handing it back.  NOT WITH OPTUM RX.  Website said no co-pay.  Prescription recieved then credit card bill arrives with $160 charge.  Called Optum RX.  They will not accept any return nor issue any refund.  Called Regions Bank to dispute charge.  They refused to accept dispute but charge penalties and interest while reviewing my case and reported a late payment to credit bureaus.  The whole experience has been BAD!!!

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Wish I had done the same research you've completed but yes, I have since canceled Optum and reverted back to my local pharmacy.  Hopefully others will get this message so United Healthcare and AARP either drop Optum or force them to provide basic customer service.  Thanks for your note!

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FYI...Optum RX is part of the United Health Group so don't expect UnitedHealthCare to drop OptumRX.  Cigna also uses Optum.  Aetna does not.  Aetna has its own mail order service.

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I feel a moral obligation to make my criticsm constructive.  Stop being a sucker and use this free service:


In my experience, only Walmart doesn't honor GoodRx coupons.


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Good Rx is a wonderful service! Thank you for mentioning it. I think you still need to be enrolled in a Medicare D program in general but I’m going to sign up with the one that has the cheapest premium and use Good Rx as well. Too bad insurance companies rip off seniors, it’s a disgrace! 

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@SarahH845050  We are sorry you had this experience with Optum.  We have escalated this internally and have asked them to look into this further.  You should receive a call from them in the next few days.

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There is an official manner which you have to file a dispute with your credit card company - it is a legislated procedure to preserve your rights as a consumer.  The procedure should be outlined by your credit card company on your statement or on their website - it tells you exactly the time limit to file, the address to send your disputed amount details and that the amount will be in limbo on your account until the dispute is resolved.


I believe if you have some proof from the Optum Rx website when you placed your order of the price that was shown and then filed an official dispute with your credit card company, you would have a good chance of recovery.


I don't use OptumRX but are you saying that when you place an order for an Rx with your account number/plan number that they don't give you a page confirming the order and the details like your price for it, where it is being shipped,when it will arrive, tracking info, etc.?


Now, this is the process for credit cards - NOT debit cards.



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Ordered 11 meds at 1 time and all showed $0 co-pay.  I did not print this as I owed nothing.  Went back to website after reciept of credit card bill and only then did it show a $160 charge.  I tried disputing this creidt card charge with the bank but unless I have the before and after print-outs, they will do nothing but charge me fees for the "late" payment.  


Why would I pay a bill that I don't believe I owe?  I think you owe me $100.  If you disagree, send me the money and we'll talk about it when I have time.


I can understand paying fees and penalities if I refuse to pay a bill after the diespute is resolved even if the resultion is not in my favor.  I DO NOT agree with paying anything before then.

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Here are your answers: - Help With My Bank - Credit Card Disputes FAQ


Of course,you do have to have some proof and provide it to the credit card company, with an explanation of the dispute.  The credit card company reverses payment to the vendor and leaves it in limbo until the dispute is resolved.  They act as middle men in the dispute resolution.  If you file your dispute in this specified manner, the charge in question does not age, nor are there any fees - interest or penalties during the time that the item is in dispute.


Since it seems that may not work for you now, you can always file a grievance with Medicare to document your complaint against OptumRX. - How to file a complaint (grievance) against your Prescription Drug plan


Like I said, I don't have dealings with OptumRX but your booklet of terms and conditions should specify your cost of the medications by tier level, deductible, TrOOP, place of purchase - etc.

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