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Hi everyone,prisonnurse06 was our winner last night,she messaged me early today,storms caused an outage and she was unable to get on line, We start the Bonus Game.

We are playing-picnic-table.gif Picnic Table Bingo.

With this weather you might need an umbrella,lol

Here are the numbers for this game>

B-12 B-9 I-28 I-19 N-40

N-43 G-55 G-60 O-65

O-74 G-46 I-25 B-1 and O-61

Good Luck,and i'll see you soon,if the creek's don't rise,it's raining cat's and dogs here,Jen.


Congratulations @prisonnurse06 


WOW, 8 numbers tonight......that is the most I have ever had in one night.  Luckily, there were 5 out of 8 that I needed for the bonus game 😁 Only 3 more to go.

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Congratulations @prisonnurse06 . The weather is keeping us away from our picnic table. Guess we just have finger food. 😊

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Congratulations to prisonnurse on her win yesterday. Glad your storms are over and you are safe. 

Right now I had to hang a danger sign on my picnic table as it is in rough shape.

Good luck everyone.

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Congratulations to prisonnurse06🎉 The storm has finally passed over here but it did some damage in town, I'm out in the country area. I got a few numbers for picnic table.

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Good evening everyone. I have tried to sleep during the day so far but I can't as I was awake most of the night. Today it has been sunny and cool and 59 all day so far. 

I got a few numbers for the picnic table but right now it is standing on one leg so I have prop it up so it will not fall over.

You all have a great night. Jen I hope you don't float away. 

Charonanne E Kading
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Fine Bingo prisonnurse!  Do it again!!!

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