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Hi Everyone,another round of strong winds for tonight and tomorrow!

Here are the number's for tonight, hang on to your hats!

B-10 N-31 O-63 B-3 G-58

I-20 G-49 B-6 O-67 O-69

N-36 B-8 N-45

GOOD LUCK,I'll be back in a bit,Jen.

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prisonnurse06 checked in today with a Bingo,she had bad storms and power outage last night,and could not respond.

CONGRATULATIONS prisonnurse This is a Good Bingo!

You are the first Winner,Glad you are ok,we've been having rain all day.

bingo%20trophy%20new.jpg  GOOD JOB!  Her Bingo was B-8 I-20 Free-G-47 O-71.

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Just need 1 more!  Stay safe everyone 💖


Only 3 numbers for me tonight. Not even close to a bingo. How come we are having so many duplicated numbers being called over the last few weeks? How do the numbers get chosen? At random, bingo balls, systematic, etc.? Maybe it is time for a new process of getting them.


Weather was beautiful here today. I was inside most of the day working with my Long Arm Quilting Machine we just purchased.


Have a fabulous night y'all

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Well you can blame me for the look a like numbers, I get those from a number board,which I have in front of me,I write down each number called,sometimes I call it, twice, human error? It happens,most of the time it doesnt,Bear with me it can only get better right?,Jen,guilty as charged...badDay11 (1).gif


Oh no girl, no blame for you to accept. I thought it was a process from AARP and maybe something needed to be fixed on their end. No big deal! 

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It happens to most of us I think, it's just one of those days we all deals with sometimes.

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There is no blame to be given @jen43 . Things happen. Thank you for all you do.

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I've got a Bingo teaser on hand.  Even if Jen were to call a replacement for B2, it wouldn't change much for me.  It might change someone else fortune.

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Jen you called B - 2 yesterday, the weather here gone be the same as yours Jen. I'm waiting on 1 number in 3 different spots. Stay safe everyone that's in the path of this storm.

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Thanks ladyfox,as I scramble to find a replacement number,LOL

Should have been B-3,sorry bout that. I will edit my post.

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No bingo here yet but I got a couple more numbers for my card.

@Vexed  glad you are okay and made it safe through the storms. I still haven't heard from Linda, am praying all is well with her and the family.

Good luck everyone.

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I texted Linda, and still no word. I fear something terrible has happened. I am praying hard for her 😢.


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Thanks @SassiLady . Stay safe all.

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I just checked out her profile and the last time she posted anything was Feb 25th. That's over a month now. Hmm, it also says she last visited on March 4th.


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That is the last email I had from her as well.

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Hi everyone! I finally got back online from the storms ( sleet and snow) last week (power out for 6 hours and internet equipment broke for a week).  But not as bad as others had it from the storm.

Still haven't heard from Linda anyone?

Going to have high winds and possible snow tonight.


Congrats to all the winners I missed last week. Good luck to everyone.

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