Honored Social Butterfly


Hi everyone, a overcast day here.Maybe we will have blue skies tomorrow,one can only hope.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

B-15 I-22 N-32 G-57 O-70

I-30 N-35 G-51 N-41 O-66

G-59 O-62 B-11 B-4 I-27

Good Luck,I'll be back soon,Jen.


No bingo for me tonight. I still need 2 more. Only had 3 numbers this evening and need 5 for a full card.

Honored Social Butterfly

Well I'm 3 numbers short of finishing the Picnic Table maybe tomorrow we'll be able to have that picnic 🧺 SassiLady 😄

Social Butterfly

Finally got the cat off my lap and mouse hand. No bingo here yet. If no one wins tonight, we may all win tomorrow. 🎉 Will have to make a list of who brings what to the picnic. Good luck all.


Honored Social Butterfly

I can't finish mine either, and I think a woodpecker has been using it to peck away on. We had some rain and wind and now the swing is on the ground, down a small hill instead of sitting on the pool deck where it should be, one of the tables is keeping it company, luckily the glass in the top of the table didn't get broken. 

Good luck everyone. I hope someone finishes their table so we can have a picnic.

Regular Social Butterfly

I can't finish the picnic table today.  If no one else can either, then I'll do my best to finish it tomorrow. 

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