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Newest ACE! @postman29

Happy Friday to all! Before head into the weekend I wanted to introduce our latest ACE whom achieved the badge a few weeks ago!


A member of the community and AARP for roughly 10 years, @postman29 has spread-out his activity over the past 6 months participating mainly in the various Entertainment and Health forums!


Postman29 is a retired letter carrier who loves to bike and hike the trails of New Hampshire with an interest in music and pro sports.


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Community Manager

Hi @postman29! Congrats on your ACE status. I'm also a big fan of hikes. Do you have a favorite trail in New Hampshire to hike or bike?

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Thank you to all! I really enjoyed the politics section when I started commenting but I understand why it had to be removed. I like the various topics that we can contribute to on these pages and I try to read as many comments as I can. We have some great contributors on these pages. RachelA, as for trails, I would highly recommend the Rockingham Trail system for bike riding and the town forest trail system for walking, all in southern NH. The scenery is absolutely beautiful and peaceful.

Social Butterfly

@postman29  This is a very embarrassingly late, but warm official welcome to ACE.  Thank you for all of your contributions.  You are a great encouraging force on the forums.  Christine

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Congrats @postman29 🙂 and thank you for your very kind comment on my FYI grieving post. You are just AWESOME!!!!

Bronze Conversationalist

Hello @postman29 and congrats!

Bronze Conversationalist

Welcome to ACE! and congrats @postman29 !!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @postman29 and congrats on earning the ACE status.

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