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My name is Wanjiru (pronounced One-gee-Row). I'm not a brand new member - I joined back in May 1999. After some years, AARP changed/updated their website, and I dropped out when navigating through became a hassle. I rejoined in 2019, but I still couldn't figure it out. Finally, I visited the website yesterday and, although I didn't find my old material, the website looks superb and easy to navigate.


As for my claim to fame, I was born and raised in Kenya and moved to California in 1984. Trained in business administration, I worked in real estate for many years before I retired eight years ago. I soon started on my nonfiction writing journey at the end of 2012. 


 A lifetime member of the San Diego Friends of the Library, The Rotary Club, and the San Diego Writers & Editors Guild among others, I'm passionate about education and philanthropy.


As for hobbies, I love to travel, but I've slowed down somewhat, dancing, good conversation, homebody lifestyle, keeping fit, and eating "real" foods.


I've already registered for some classes, which I believe should anchor me to the website this time around.


Wanjiru Warama
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@WanjirusBits Welcome back, welcome back welcome back.  Inspired by that can't get out of your head, once it's there, theme song to "Welcome Back, Kotter."  So glad you're come back.  Christine

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Hi @WanjirusBits nice to meet you. I would luv to invite you to join me in the Retirement Forum. No pressure at all 🙂

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Hello Wanjirus! I just stumbled on your post and am happy to see another writer here. My first collection of flash fiction was self-published last week. Now I'm back to selecting between half dozen or so other works in process to focus in on. You might relate! 😏 I haven't looked yet, but maybe there is a writers group within this website  -- or we could start one.  What do you think?



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Hi @DeahWA how exciting you both connected. Please update us, no pressure, on what you find or create 🙂

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