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What is your favorite vegetable?


Ever since I was a wee child, I've always loved artichokes. I feel like they aren't appreciated by enough people!


What about you, what is your favorite vegetable? 🍆🥕🌽🥒🍄🥗🥑🍅

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Well, it depends upon how you define vegetable and how you define favorite. In Mexico, corn is a twice daily necessity, to eat with tortillas, which are practically a table utensil. In the States, wheat is what makes bread and pasta, also a daily foodstuff. Rice and potatoes as well, are everywhere. I start nearly all of my cooking with onions and garlic. So by the old-fashioned definition of vegetable — videlicet, Kingdom Plantae, it grows in the ground — those would be the biggies.

But if we eliminate grains, roots, tubers, and nuts, then I guess the tomato. Though technically that’s a fruit. Hmmmmm. Carrots and celery? Great on their own, the mirepoix to start all good sauces, braises, soups and stews, and a nice finely minced addition to tuna salad, egg salad, potato salad, etc. I like very small petit-pois also.

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Young okra pods right off the plant. Yum!

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My #1 vegetable is green beans. I love home canned green beans that my mom makes. My #2 would be any vegetable raw....there are some that I just canned eat cooked, texture thing, but if you give it to me raw I am your girl!!!


1 Kale, 2, carrots, 3 green beans

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i agree!  when my daughter was young, we used to cook two large artichokes every now and then and we each would have one; we would just eat a little at a time until we got to the best part - the heart!  it was fun and enjoyable.  we had good mother and daughter silly conversation in the process.  🙂

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I love grilling Asparagus and Artichokes seasoned with garlic butter

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I LOVE artichokes and asparagus both.  I've never considered grilling them and eating them mixed together.  GREAT IDEA!!  Thanks, Oscar!   👍

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i absolutely love asparagus - especially the way my sweet daughter makes it.

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Too many to count.  Love veggies more than fruit.   Right now it's in-season tomatoes. 

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I like many raw, bok choy and radishes and jicama, but I really do love a crisp, sweet red pepper.

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That's a hard choice but I love grilled eggplant. Any vegetable that's grilled is awesome.

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