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Liposuction and bodybuilding

Hey!! I started putting weight when I was 14 years old. At the age of 23, I was 320lbs and that was the time I said "enough". I lost nearly 80lbs in a year and slowly lost another 10lbs while trying to build a good body.

When I cut with proper diet and cardio, I get very lean quickly. But I have a spare tire around my waist. It's ruining the whole picture. For the last 2 years, I have tried my best to remove the fat deposited around my waist. It is so frustrating to see your body making a great change overall but still having horrible spots that require more efforts. Even after putting a lot of effort it's not completely disappearing. 

I'm now considering liposuction from a clinic in Windsor to solve this problem. I would like to hear your suggestions regarding this. 

No matter what I do, I gain fat easily without any hesitation. I'm just fed up of all this. I would be grateful if you could share your experience. Thanks in advance!!    


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I want to respond to the person who asked for feedback re 'spare tire.' I am a Certified Fitness Professional. I am also an RN Specializing in Post OpRecovery Care.   I want to encourage the person to research surgeons who SPECIALIZE in what you are seeking.  Its all well and good to recommend diet and exercise My Career for 30 plus years is Fitness.  However, in my 'practice' as a Concierge Nurse? I have been the SOLE emotional support for MANY People who had Good reason to desire a specific surgery. My patients, in most cases, needed ME someone who could listen and speak with them in a supportive, nonjudgemental way-in order that they decide for themselves without 'fear' of other people's opinions.  Do the media portray this area with people like the Kardashians; however, my clients? Were not of that sort.   They were hard-working folks who always had some personal insecurity and were now taking a risk even to discuss the idea they may have only dreamed of doing -that improved their life.   I would not seek 'advice' and an ear from just anyone. Ask the surgeon about his expertise-surgery-.  Mine?Pre-op Discussion Coaching decision and planning.  Post Op Recovery, something that will dramatically affect your result and experience that Smart People? Budget for- Due to my background? I want my patients to eat healthily and exercise (I Am a personal Trainer) There are real limitations of exercise. I am also a Psychiatric Nurse Specializing in Eating disorders.  There is a BIG difference between my plastic surgery patients and my inpatients for Eating Disorders, My plastic surgery patients. ? Were mentally well. 

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I've gained & lost weight multiple times .. but to be honest it was never a mystery why either happened; either I watched my eating & ate healthy .. or I didn't.


I think it would be smarter long-term, to talk to a doctor with a strong background in nutrition/exercise about your "spare tire", and exercises/foods that would help eliminate it .. and NOT a doctor who does liposuction, cool sculpting, or any other form of plastic surgery.

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@m256518p I know zilch about surgical methods of weight loss because I'm one of those exercise addicted spandex wearing competitive senior athletes you read about. So take what I'm about to say from the vantage of one who has earned muscle tone and gold medals the hard way: careful diet, sweat inducing workouts and serious athletic pursuit.


Liposuction seems like a terrible way to spend your retirement money. Additionally, undergoing a clinical procedure in order to feel better seems oxi**bleep**ic.  (m o r o n i c bleeped out there by AARP, so howzabout we just say silly? :)) And it won't fix the behaviors that lead to the weight gain.


Continued movement and diet restriction will help with that spare tire, it will also help improve your metabolism, whereas liposuction will not. Changing your metabolism will help you get the most our of your weight loss efforts. But keep in mind that this process takes time. You didn't get that spare tire overnight and you are not going to get to a new, healthier place overnight, either.


Have you tried an ab roller? (Also known as an ab wheel) DH and I have been using one of these to sculpt our torsos. Easy peasy, cheaper than lipo. 🙂


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I understand you perfectly, and I am very sorry that you are not able to lose weight. I struggled with this myself for many years, until it turned out that my weight was constantly returning due to a hormonal failure in the body. Yes, it happens, and the thyroid gland is to blame. On the recommendation of my doctor, I purchased the device which not only corrects the contours of the body, but also fights hormonal disorders in the body and helps maintain weight in the normal range. I bought it on credit, it's much easier and more convenient. Maybe your problem could be the cause of a hormonal malfunction?

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