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"Smart ring" - has anyone used one?

During i-net wandering ran across "smart ring"; as I read about it, thought this would be great for me because:


I only carry my cell phone with me when I leave the apt (lately only to dump trash or pay rent (unfortunately they don't have online option, but I take my wipe and pen with me)...


So last January I fell and stayed on the floor until my neighbor walked by and I yelled at him and he came through the window and got my cell phone for me and I called 311 (I wouldn't call 911 unless someone was possibly dying...); pelvic fracture so okay...


Now I see the "smart ring" and wonder if this could be a solution? I can't afford the services with push button calling and emergency response, even with AARP discount (can barely afford the cheapest rent here).


My thinking is since I don't wear other jewelry, I could wear a simple ring. So if the ring could connect to the phone, I could call help if needed?


Anyone with experience with "smart ring", please post experience and/or recommendations?


Thank you in advance!





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Hello WebWise!

I'd never heard of it until you mentioned it.  So I Googled it to see what it was all about, and I found several explanations.  One said it was a replacement for wearing a smartwatch or fitness watch.  Another said it notified you when you got an incoming call on your cell phone... however you have to have a certain brand of phone for it to work.  

There was an article from someone who bought one, and she said it buzzed and vibrated, and changed colors to alert you to different things that it does.  It's also big to wear and needs to be put on a charger.  It can alert you to all sorts of things depending on how you program calls, FB posts, messages, meetings, appointments, etc. It's very techno!    It's also $$$$.

Personally?  I hope you decide to carry your cellphone in your pocket at ALL TIMES instead of just when you leave your apartment.   Stay safe!!!

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