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Help and signs from loved one

I know my husband helps me often from Heaven.  I was very dependent on him, but I know he is helping me because I am doing all the things I need to do and handling it all well.  My family and friends are in awe of how well I am managing the day to day things you have to do.


As for signs, I was once going to put on a Rod Stewart CD but then remembered it had a scratch on it.  My husband was with me when I bought it years ago - my first CD ever.  But I realized it was damaged, so I put the radio on and on it was playing a Rod Stewart song.  I firmly believe it was a sign.  

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Thanks for the uplifting post! It's great to read a positive post that gives us all hope. More people need to recognize that sometimes things do happen that we can't explain as just coincidence. 

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Thank you.  I'm glad it was uplifting.  Nice to meet you.

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Four plus years later and he’s still helping me 

and sending me signs. When I need some

weird tool that I don’t think I have, 9 times

out of 10 I’ll find it in the garage. He saved everything. And when I turn on the radio

and hear one of his fav songs, I know he’s 

with me. I’ll always be grateful for his help

and those signs 💜

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4 comments (1/24/23) I luv this topic Carolyn @CarolynS674392 🤎🤗

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I'm sorry.  I don't know your real name.  I THOUGHT it was Nicole, but I'm not sure.

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1 comment (1/24/23) Hi Carolyn @CarolynS674392 , it is Nicole 🤎🤗 Took a week off last week to fill up again. There were some things I was not liking on this site. Anyway, missed you guys and I am back 🙂 Luv you guys...

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Glad you are back!!!🌈

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❤️Thanks Nicole.

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I hope others don't find that silly.

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I definitely don't think it is silly.  I think we receive many signs from our loved ones, but the problem is we don't always recognize them.  When my brother in law died there were many signs but my sister always said they were coincidence.  Then one day when she especially needed him she was driving and looked at the car in front of her and the license plate read with the words he always signed cards and letters with.  That was one sign she definitely recognized.  ....I am sure I received multiple little signs but am still waiting for the big sign that I can't chalk up to coincidence.  I hope you keep receiving those signs Carolyn.......Eileen

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You will, Eileen.💕

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Yes.  Another one is when I going through old papers and stuff in a bag.  This was just a short time after he died.  I came across a movie theatre stub that said "Heaven is for Real."  We saw that movie a long time ago and it was in these papers.  I saved it and since then, it is in a book that I made of memories of him.

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Not at all !!! I believe we receive guidance and support from out loved ones constantly. Hold those thoughts deep in your heart,they will give you great strength..

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Thank you. 😀

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