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Almost one year

I lost my husband on September 19,2022.  As I said almost a year.  It has been difficult to keep up with all of the house stuff while making all of the decisions.  It is lonely and very difficult.  Each day I wake up and look for him then go about my business and try to keep an open mind.  So sad sometimes with no one to talk to about the house, car, etc.  I realize that I need to go on with my life, that is what he would have wanted for me but trusting someone is really difficult.  Miss the companionship and want to move on.


Janice I am sorry for your loss.  I truly understand.  On October 30th my husband will be gone for one year.  I, like you, have had to assume responsibility for EVERYTHING.  I am hounded by phone calls trying to scam me; so much so I no longer answer the phone.  I had a plumber come to fix my garbage disposal (click of a wrench did it) and then tell me he had tor replace the main pipe coming into my kitchen $1200 and $600 to fix a leak in the bathroom.  It is difficult to find people to trust.  You spend so much time struggling through each day that you have little time to give thoughts to your journey ahead.  I am planning on moving out of state (a state that has become unsafe to live in) and this is one of the largest decisions I, alone have ever had to make.  It is frightening.  Janice, I don't have the answers.  I simply am taking one step at a time, praying that I am doing the right thing.  People have to PROVE themselves to me from here on and I will not interact with those I do not trust.  This is not how I wish to spend the remaining years of my life, but I am/will be strong and will focus on becoming stronger and happier on my journey through life.  I wish you the best.  YOU CAN DO THIS!  I say this to myself each morning.  ❤️

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