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How to use AARP Community website

I found this website but am not familiar with social media and can't figure out how to use it.

I would like to meet some intelligent folks in my age group to form friendships and discuss common topics of interest, but can't figure out how to do that.


Have looked everywhere for a How To guide which explains this website in detail - or is there an AARP Community for Dummies book available somewhere?


Tried Contact us and it has an email address different from the one in my profile with no way to change it.


Would appreciate any help.





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Welcome, Barry, @jbedrick !


Most helpful to me is using the Search option (upper right) and entering the topic I currently want to share with others. That will usually get great forum results.


Also, try using search with hash-tagged subjects (e.g. #subject); that will return many results that might not be exactly the topic you'd like to chat about but it will return results you might find interesting.



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Community Manager

Hi Barry and Welcome!

We have a wonderful group of users here who are having great conversations!  You can get some initial help here - - but also I am sure other users will jump in to support you.  What are you interested in?  You can see all recent conversations here and you can see the Discussions list with an array of topics - just jump in and post like you did here!

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