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Re: Do you or anyone you know suffer from tinnitus?

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   I have tennitus BIG time. I hear a variety of sounds, ranging from chirping birds, ringing, the sound of rain or running water, a pulsating noise like a heartbeat and others. They vary. Sometimes I hear 2 at a time. Tests performed by an otologist revealed slight hearing loss at high and low decibels, and a VNG balance test was negative for inner-ear problems. The upshot was that the problem is caused by migraine (which I've had for years, but headaches were replaced by ocular migraine that causes vertigo and double vision, with tinnitus a component of the disorder. Hence the referral to the otologist).

       I was referred to a neurologist. I told him about my tinnitus symptoms, which also include the sound of people talking, as though a radio had been left on, and music that sounds like a men's chorus. He said that THAT particular symptom is rare, but officially recognized by the American Academy of Neurology (or another professional neurological organiztion) as a form of epilepsy, called "auditory hallucinations" - NOT to be confused with a psychiatric disorder of the same name. In this context, it refers only to migraine-related symptoms, including tinnitus!

     Possibility for diagnosis of epilepsy as a component of  tinnitus is strengthened by the presence of epileptic-like symptoms reported in conjunction with migraine - e.g., the need to sleep following an attack, the presence of a prodrome, etc.

    I was given a seizure medication that's used widely off-label for migraine. I couldn't tolerate it so it was replaced with a medication prescribed ONLY for seizures, to see if it would help the migraines and thus, treat the tinnitus. I can't tolerate that either, so now I'm on Enzyme Co-Q 10 300 mg a day. A trial period is usually 3 months, so we'll see. In the meantime, I have to put up with the sound of locust swarms and "choral concerts."

   The purpose of my post is to urge anyone with the rarer symptoms of tinnitus (the talking and the music) to discuss them with a neurologist. Unfortunately, there's not much literature on the subject of epilepsy being concomitant with tinnnitus, or whether migraine factors into it. A sleep-deprivation EEG and an enhanced MRI can help find brain abnormalities that could lead to a diagnosis. However, I don't think "musical epilepsy" is detectable on imaging studies since it's a component of tinnitus.


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Re: Do you or anyone you know suffer from tinnitus?

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I have noise problem only in my left ear when " I lie down to  go to sleep " when I have the airconditioner or ceiling fan ON.  During the day I have No Problem when I am working or moving around and the wind does not bother my left ear.

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Do you or anyone you know suffer from tinnitus?

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Do you or anyone you know suffer from tinnitus?  What is your experience, discuss with others here!