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I just stumbled across this thread and thought I'd share some hints against things that have happened with me a few times. Maybe one of these will help; maybe not.

  1. Letters do repeat if you hold down the keys too long as you type. I suppose we have a way to turn that off or change the length of time before it starts repeating in the Settings somewhere, but it's not an issue that hits me very often, so I haven't turned it off.
  2. Sometimes as I type, letters double up anyway, even if I don't hold down the keys very long. I hope that's not a sign that my keyboard will die, since it's integrated into my laptop and I would have to replace the whole computer if it happens very often.
  3. Make sure your Caps Lock key (CapsLk on my computer) is off. Since you probably type your user name before you enter your password and can already see how your typing shows on the screen, this probably isn't your issue.
  4. If you learned typing the way I did, you rest your fingers on ASDF and JKL; (the home row keys) while you move to form the words and such. Also, if you learned the way I did, you learned on manual typewriters that required quite a punch to activate a key and make an impression of a character against the ink ribbon and onto the paper. Computer keyboards are so much easier to touch and activate characters that sometimes, especially if you are tired or you don't hold your arms up as high as you used to, you might inadvertently add characters to your intended typing.
  5. If you learned typing the way I did, the manual typewriter had no key for the number 1 and required you to use lower case L as a 1. It even let you use capital O instead of zero if you wanted to do that. I had to unlearn this early on in my career with computers. I had to retrain myself to use my left pinky for a 1 and my right pinky for a 0 every time.




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I am having the same issue. I want to redeem and earn points but I cannot log into it.

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Please know I mean no offense.


There may be a problem with the keyboard, based on some of the spelling in the post. I had this issue years ago when my keyboard decided to fail, but chose not to tell me 😉


That might be something to check out; maybe open a Notepad document and type the old exercise "the quick brown fox" or just the alphabet to ensure each letter pressed is working correctly.


If available, try using touchscreen keyboard?


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Yep, I know you posted comment awhile back, my responses are getting slower🤣.


Or my reading skills - osk.exe from run command or accessibility settings in most windows computers, are a back-up on screen mouse only keyboard that will show on monitor.


Useful if you really don't want to try another keyboard. Or forgot to plug one in, bad days happen.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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I never log out so I don't have to sign back in. If I want to view my membership information then I would have to sign in for that.

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