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Upgrading AT&T to fiber optics

We've been thinking about getting rid of our landline phone and going with a bundle of internet and uverse TV with At&T. The problem is that my computer, a desk top HP is 7 years old, but still functioning, and our TV is 13 years old. I've been told, ususally by AT&T sales reps that the fiber optics, high speed service wouldn't be a problem. I don't have the money to invest in a new TV or computer right now, but I'm afraid that if I had this new service, it might be problematic. 


Would older equipment be compatible with this new high speed? I'd like an honest answer because AT&T sales reps just want to sell it to you. Thank you!

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I've had fiber optics  lines at house and shop since 2000 perhaps.


And running every version of Windows, MAC, etc since Windows 2000.


Live and work in Maine, here it's called DSL (Broadband service), beats heck out of dial-up and a modem.


As long as your computer has an ethernet card (looks like wide modular cord for telephone) or WiFi card if desktop/laptop should be no problem.


For TV connectivity , you only need a coax type connector for antenna input vs. old school rabbit ears type connector (screws).And their modem/Wifi/TV box. 

Generally all in one box.

If you have no ethernet on computer, a card that plugs in desktop pc is maybe $15. Most newer computers have them built-in so, I may be off on price.


Laptops cable/WiFi dongles $10/20. Depending upon speed, and Operating system you use.


You didn't say, most are backward compatible to Win7 or 8.


But, I hope you have a good antivirus and still get updates from computer maker and operating system.


Windows 7, I think is end of life or will be in January 2020. No more security updates from Microsoft.


Lengthy answer I know .


*ps - if you can't buy new system, used gear at pawn shop or from places like are relatively cheap with newer Windows 10 operating systems and in most cases can use your present monitor.


If it doesn't still makes sense, ask. With a little more information supplied by you.


Haven't really looked at older CRT TV in awhile. LED/LCD/etc flat screens no problem. Input might require coax attached to antenatal leads (ATT or you supplied).



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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My daughter has switched to Google Fiber and her old TV works just fine as we watch Netflix, Amazon Prime and other online programs on it. Her computers, cell phone etc works just fine too. I'm pretty sure she only took the plan for 100 Mbps. My daughter has said that she is well satisfied with her fiber optic service.


It all depends on what plan you want to pay for. Too much speed that you can't or don't use will cost more.


My service is still with Spectrum over cable. I have a 4K TV, Security Cameras, Computers etc. (Total 17 devices on my network). I have their 400 Mbps plan. I own my own Modem and Router (MU-MIMO) Multi Users-Multi Input Multi Output. My Laptop is around five years old and my Desktop is about to turn a year old. I have Netflix, Amazon Prime and other online programs that I watch on my TV's.



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Thank you!
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There should not be any problem.  Fiber-optic is more advanced and faster than traditional copper cable and said to be less susceptible to disruption and interference.  Might even improve the performance of your desktop and TV.

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Thank you!

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