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Does technology simplify life or make it more complicated?

Does technology simplify life or make it more complicated? Share your thoughts!


I honestly think both. Technology is great and does make things easier - I can see and talk to my family even though we live 1,000+ miles apart. I can order groceries with the click of a button. I can tell Siri to remind me of things so I don't forget, etc, etc, etc. But there's also so much out there, it can be overwhelming and confusing. Things are constantly changing, and it can be really hard to keep up sometimes.


What do you think? Does technology make your life simpler, or more complicated?

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"Oh yea, and how to stop robo calls and is robbing people blind, especially in my age group.  Don't fall for it and don't let the smooth taste fool ya. "


Sadly, since the scams come from overseas there is no law in place. The USA has no jurisdiction in India and Pakistan where the majority come from. In addition, the scams have to do with the unscrupulous greed of the people doing the scams, not technology. Have you looked at the pets section of your local Craigslist lately, where people are selling dogs that don't exist? What amazes me is how someone living in area code XYZ sees an ad from area code ABC and still falls for it. I hear complaints about "How did they get my number?" Wow. NOBODY is dialing YOUR number they are dialing every prefix and 4 digit number in an area code, not YOUR number. Nobody knows you are alive.

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To live in a world with the technology around us today is an amazing thing to behold. It can make things in our lives far more easier or like you mention can monopolize our time in the over use of it or the seemly forever changing platforms. We are bombarded new apps and security issues that threaten our personal lives, through hackers that have no shame in what they are doing. There are courses online and through some community colleges through a virtual study program that can help novice on the inner working of the internet and how to stay safe while surfing on the internet. Scams are out there and caution needs to be taken at everything that looks odd or to out of place. Always check the web address of they send before ever answering any email or offer, the spelling is important and even the phrasing can help identify possible scammers. The internet is a whole new frontier in the legacy of this world as we know it now. Hopefully sometime soon we can be able to use it freely without worry of our personal information being taken from us and used. Time will tell, but until then be careful and beware while surfing there are sharks in the waters around us preying for a quick meal. If you like to read there are several books on the subject of the internet and how it works and some U-tube videos that are very informative. One last thing never answer an email that looks suspicious or from someone or place you do not know.     


Having internet access makes my life much better.  I rarely write letters anymore as I use email for most correspondence w/family and friends.  I look up a myriad of items from geography to recipes.  My life would not be as complete without it.  At 85, I find it just as useful as I did when younger.

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Thank you so much CatOw - I appreciate it.  I will check this out.  Thanks again. 

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To a point life is easier with technology. Been involved since ‘68, then you hit an overload point.I may have hit that point.


Took 30 minutes to recall what a bar code was called😆.


Sure it’s great you can monitor your house, check the doors, windows, garage, yard. Lock or start vehicles, etc.


Record a Show or watch while away. Or just walk away for a bit👍.


Just remember before stepping to kill wifi and cell services, almost added BT a mistake if you have ear pods, AirPods, etc.


Need tunes everywhere.  Want to send those tunes from your phone to 1970 hifi, no problem through the magic of BLuetooth adaptors.


Also handy when you want to take those old vinyls with you but, don’t want to move them.Or 8-track, cassettes, etc. convert before you go.

Love and hate problem here.





And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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I can certainly agree with most of what you were saying. I have been with the project of converting telecommunications since the early eighties changing out hardware to except high speed and voice communications. At first we were working with 150-300 baud "DBU's" units, slow is not even the term for it today. But think if we had this technology a hundred years ago, where would be today? Self flying cars, no more cash money, Economic sound structures, hacker free internet, And the list goes on and on. Electric vehicles, smog free cities, virtual learning and jobs. you could be on a sun soaked sandy beach in the Bahamas sipping on a mint tulip whisking away the day doing your job. 

Back in "68" Darpa, was creating the world wide web. If you were apart of that, thank you and you would also be a grandfather of the internet and what it is today, again thank you if that is so. But when I am able to press a button on a mobile device and page or call someone on the opposite side of the planet in just a millisecond and not have to send out the beat of drums to get there in a couple of months or years, I am impressed. I know I did my part in helping to upgrade our telecommunications, along with the other telecommunication companies to help make all this work. And none of that was easy, we toke strides along the way in increasing the data rate speed through high frequency and fiber optics. My company was the first to create a fiber optic mobile unit and service the Los Angeles Olympics. Cutting edge technology, Communications are happening at exasperating speed these days and making us all most dizzy in the process. The bottom line of my tirade is that thanks to the people that never stopped at making changes in this world for us all to benefit from. Changes are a confused time in the history of this world and maybe the reason so much has been lost to it. Personally Windows 98 was the best, hands down.


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"But think if we had this technology a hundred years ago, where would be today?"


It's certainly possible that we'd already have all of the advancements that you list after posing this question; however, it's just as possible that they wouldn't be necessary, since AI by then would have completely superseded (and/or subjugated) human beings. So far as I'm aware, there's no cosmic rule that requires that the evolutionary process be limited to biological life forms.

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