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What is your favorite piece of technology that you own?

Hi community members! What's your favorite piece of technology that own? For me, it's definitely my iphone. I use it for all sorts of things every day and I feel lost when I don't have it (I'm working on disconnecting better). What about you? Leave a reply!

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Any technology? Probably my car. 🙂



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I'll tell you my least favorite.  Cell phones, selfies, people constantly on their phone allowing me to hear their conversations on the bus.  A couple sitting across from another at a table each on a cell.


At least I haven't been hit by a self-driven car yet.

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My favorite piece?  Probably my hearing aids from VA, and my glasses, my shoes, alert device around my neck and probably half a million other things.


It is hard for me to name just one technology. I'm legally deaf, handicap in a wheelchair. I really on my digital hiring aids to communicate with others, my wheelchair lets me be mobile, and my handicap adapter Minivan allows me to do chores and travel. So, without my hiring aids, wheelchair and minivan I would really feel handicap. I have to name all three. Jack.


My desktop computer system that has been my 'office.' I started in 1995-6 when the Internet became available to the public.



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Being a video gamer, yes I am 55, I love my new Nintendo Switch that my oldest daughter gave me for Christmas. I will probably be a gamer until the day I die LOL  

Also I just got my first iPhone and I am loving it!!!

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An air conditioner because, without it, I would either be dead or wish I was dead.


You are getting sleepy.
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I agree whole heartily! With out air conditioning in a heat prone area people can die from heat exhaustion. Plus if you feel that uncomfortable you are not likely to be nice. You are miserable and sweaty and totally out of sorts. Give-Me-Air-or give me ...!  Air conditioners at the wrong time of the season are at a premium. Buy one in the off season if you can. Depending on the room size consider the cooling area of the unit. A window unit works fine if installed correctly again depending on the area you wish to have cooled. a lot has to do with where you install the unit and the natural air currents and the path of the sun also the window shades and other covers you may have. If you have good windows that block a lot of the heat then a simple shade will or drape will do. If you have cracks in the house or within you foundation that could also affect the heating and cooling of a room or house. Have a professional look at it and install it at a low cost and be done with it. Most window unit will last two to three years if properly run and maintained. Be Kool and happy icemass..brrrrr!   

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I would have to say my Home Network and all the devices that are on it. Due to Covid19 and staying home the majority of the time now I am putting virtually everything on my Home Network to use every day. My devices are computers, my smart TV, Alexa, cell phone, tablet, weather station, garage door opener etc. 

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After 52 years working & living with technology, think my iPhone and BLuetooth enabled Sansui, Onkyo and Marantz stereos are my favorite bits of kit.


Hi Fi from the 60 or 70’s, upgraded to play in the 2020’s. I need my tunes.


If I ever can lose the laptops running DOS to Win10 pro on 286’s to I9’s, maybe I’ll like/love modern technology again.


For now it’s just another day at work.😷



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!

Hummm... My Fire TV, Kindle Fire, my laptop with a linux O/S...