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๐Ÿ’ผ What Are YOUR Thoughts On WORKPLACE Age Discrimation?

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There are LAWS against this, but are they working? ๐Ÿค”


Have you or someone you know or heard about EXPERIENCED this? ๐Ÿค”

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We recently closed our family business after 60 years.  I have a degree in Accounting with experience in doing the accounting and bookkeeping for the company for the last 20.  I have applied for an entry-level position at every bank on Cape Cod and got the brush-off from every one of them.  I notice a lot of new hires at these banks- they're all young Brazilians or Latinos who I could do the job of any six of them.  The (Santander) Bank I use most frequently has no Americans on their staff at all; they're all foreigners.  They see the dates on my resume and that's all it takes for them to give me some lame excuse not to hire me.  They value checking the right boxes for all this political woke stuff rather than hiring someone with a proven work ethic.

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Sounds like you may need to apply for a government job - The IRS is hiring lots of people - HIRING

There is also the possibility of becoming an Enrolled Agents (

OR there is always working for one of the tax prep  businesses.


With your background, there maybe many small businesses in your general area that need your services.  Many of them would rather put their attention to building their business than keeping books and doing payroll.



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It's real but how can one prove it? I'm only 58.

I left a position to relocate to be more than an abstract occasional visitor to my only grandchild. I have been advised that employers in this area need to know your personal reason for applying.    I always receive feedback of "quite an impressive resume" whenever I have actually been selected for an interview but not offered an appropriate position by more than 60 companies. I removed the dates of service from my resume within the last month and am now being contacted by companies that ignored me over the past 5 months. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP.

I just paused this post to take a call from one of them!



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If a company wants to be rid of older workers (or any workers), they just have to begin giving them poor reviews. I'm thinking of larger companies that have hiring/firing procedures and an anti-discrimination policy. Many people may decide to leave once they have received the message that they are not wanted. I think it's hard to prove age discrimination in a case like that.


Regarding the multitude of "help wanted" ads, I've read that some companies keep those ads running when they don't have openings to give the impression that the company is doing well. This probably applies to larger companies rather than your local diner.


I'm not saying there is a lack of jobs, just that a "help-wanted" ad may not mean what you think it means (Princess Bride reference). ๐Ÿ™‚

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(4 comments) On Sunday I was outside speaking to my 68 year-old neighbor about this. She is having a tough time finding a job in her field.


Me, retired at age 62 but would luv to find a fun part-time job. I have NOT tried as yet, but have that "feeling" at soon-to-be 65 it will be interesting IF and when I get hired.

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This morning, I head a national stat on employment - there is 1.7 jobs available to anybody that is looking.  


There are plenty of jobs available in most ever state - school bus drivers, teachers, teacher aids, the USPS, even the SSA has positions available in there service centers, same with the IRS.


You just have to be prepared to keep up with those of a younger age - in a physical and techno way.  Finding a โ€œfunโ€ job ?  What would that be and perhaps you could just invent it if it is needed.



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(1 comment) @GailL1 , I am quite aware of how many jobs are out there. My topic was about "age discrimination" which is alive and kicking out there. An age 50+ person MAY be just as "young" in body and spirit as folks younger than age 50, BUT some employers RATHER replace/or NOT hire OLDER for whatever reason. Yes, some jobs are physical and yes, an older person MAY not be able to do them.


As far as a FUN job, I will know it when I come across it. Lol, NOT in a hurry to return to dealing with pain in the humans = ENJOYING my Retirement ๐Ÿฅณ๐Ÿ’ƒ

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There is a lot of loopholes (exceptions and waivers) in the ADEA. Fact Sheet: Age Discrimination Age Discrimination 


Yes, cases are very difficult to prove - 

AARP - Victims of Age Discrimination - Know the Facts 



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Gotta agree that, in general, age discrimination is an example of antisocial behavior that should be excised from human culture...or at least in our current state drastically mitigated.  That said, it does seem to make sense to have people start retaking the In Car evaluation on some kind of regular interval when renewing their driver's license.

Furthermore; Age Discrimination is just one example of how we as a whole are vastly over tolerant of antisocial values and behaviors.  A truly hopeful step would be to see organizations like AAPIP, AARP, ADL, AIM, BLM, GLAAD, ILGA, LULAC, NAACP, NARF, and dozens of others (possibly excepting KKK et. al.) acknowledging in their charters and mission statements that they are seeking redress of one symptom of the mental illness of Antisocial Personality Disorders expressed at the cultural level.  It would be truly hopeful to see these efforts unified under a single coherent banner.

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