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Serious Burnout & Not Sure What to do About it.

Where to begin... I've basically spent my whole career working for the the same Health Insurance carrier.  Twenty nine years ago I started in our claims department kind of falling into positions of configuration of our payment methodologies due to the fact I had claims knowledge, Dr Office experience and I have an extremely logical and strategic thought process.  I have an equivalent to an associates as that's all we needed back in the day.  My job was extremely stressful as I was responsible for all the configuration of payment methods and at the time anything that paid wrong was thought to be the fault of my area.  Went a little off the deep end threatened to quit and they luckily offered me a part time position.  I took that then started a h to look ome medical billing business to make up the difference in income.  Along the way they shipped my job to corporate (3 hours a way) well I didn't go with it however was luckily offered a job they created specifically for my job skills and part time at that.  That was 17 years ago, I'm still reporting to the same guy, doing financial claims analysis looking for better payment arrangements with our providers.  I'm still the same level even though I'm doing the work of someone 3 levels higher.  I train everyone that comes into the department, I am his (Director) go to person and right hand man as my VP refers to me.  He continues to turn me down for senior positions even though my skill level is way above that as is my work load.  I've tried to promote out several times and he continues to deny me.  He finally said last year what do I need to do to keep you in this position and I said show me the money.  He said fine, I need you doing what you do.  I basically do anything that's needed, I have the history of company behind my 29 years.  A new manager came in, came right out and told me this guy is totally taking advantage of you, giving you 5 days work in 3 day weeks, giving you the lowest raises etc etc. You would be a director level anywhere else. I'm 6 years to retirement but stuck between a rock and a hard place.  I have a resume that kicks serious you know what but I don't want to leave at this point.  I have awesome benefits, awesome time off etc etc but I'm so burnout and tired of him taking advantage of me.  I desperately need a change beside the fact he never gave me the money he promised.  I'm so close to banding out because I've been at the same level for so long which means I would get a lump raise rather than a % raise.  I love what I do as I'm still challenged after all these years and I love being a data geek.  I would appreciate any advice on where to go from here.  My husband and I will be retiring January of 2023 and I'll be 59.  Seems like decades from now.  A lot of history to put in a quick post however I appreciate the ears.


Wow, wish I had a good answer for you.  I'm in the same boat, have 21 years though not 29.  I'm actually at home right now on a medical leave trying to decide what to do about going back.  Tired of being taken advantaged of too.  Part of me feels as though it is just how it is, and tough it up and stick it out as I hate to loose benefits and time off.  Hopefully you'll update your post and say how you are doing, what you decided.

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Thanks for your comments, sorry to hear you've been on medical leave and I hope you are rehabing well.  August will now be 31 years for me and things have gotten a little better except I still haven't gotten the promotion even though our CEO got an $11 million bonus this year but that's a whole other discussion.  I now have an in between boss that has taken the heat off of me which has helped tremendously.  I've gone from 4 BP pills to a half of one and actually because of that was off for 4 1/2 months this year due to medical leave.  Believe it or not I had so much stress I was on that many meds and since my stress went down without knowing my BP was going down as well.  It caused me to black out in June and face plant from a 3 foot landing into my garage floor.  19 facial fractures and wrist fracture later had to have a lefort 1 jaw surgery.  After having the jaw surgery I passed out at home again and snapped both my ankles and ended up having surgery with plates and screws and was non weight baring for 2 full months.  This gave me a lot of time to ponder life in general.  My new manager actually is fine with me doing 3 days worth of work in 3 days rather than 5 days worth in 3 days.  I do not deal at all with my Director the guy that I've reported to for 18 years so that has eased my stress.  My Manager has now been in the position long enough that he doesn't feel threatened by me and my knowledge.  He understands that I just want to do a good job, pass my knowledge on and retire in 4.5 years.  Although technically I can retire at 55 in December however my 401 and pension will be much better if I wait until 59.  My company is doing all sorts of things to save money including downsizing eventhough they are adding VP's at a rapid pace.  My department is safe for 2018 but I will be extremely happy to hit 55 so I can go with full retirement when I'm ready to.  After that it's smooth sailing as I will have hit 55.  I have a new attitude since being on medical leave, I'm much more relaxed, I'm no longer letting my Director bully me, I'm taking my time on projects and I think my co-workers aren't so threatened anymore either.  Before I think they thought they had to prove so much to keep up where now they understand I'm on my way out, that I've had my career where theirs is beginning and on the way up.  So they've done a little bit of a paradigm shift.  So I've just decided to stay and ride the wave as long as I can because I cannot get the pay and benefits I have nor the time off I get while being part time.  Having this different attitude and having almost died with my face plant has really given me a new outlook and I've mellowed a great deal and living in the moment instead of wishing this time away just to get it done.  I think your age and where you're at in your life will play a huge roll in what you decide to do.  I also realized how much power I was giving this person over me but not anymore, I've taken that power back.  Please keep me posted on what's going on in your life and what you decide to do.

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You are in a tough situation. Not sure I can help much. I just retired at 62 with 41 years IT tech experience. I saw similar patterns of "abuse" on the data world. I retired from a large corporate P&C insurer. I see it that you have a couple of options


(1) Stick it out and hope for the best. Assert yourself and make sure others than your immediate manager know and see your value. Hope for a change in managment or offer of a transfer.


(2) Go into independent consulting. It sounds like you have valuable experience. I would not be surprised that you could command twice your rate as a consultant. You could set your terms and time. You might be able to consult for your employer. You would need to get your insurance in line and focus on selling yourself. Fortunately, there are many consultancies who look for people like you who can manage the contracts and sales of your time.


Good luck!

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Thanks Bearonabicycle!!  I've been doing number one and can go out with full retirement when I turn 55 so definitely considering #2.  I appreciate the nudge!  Enjoy your retirement to the fullest!!

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