How to get Unemployment Benefits

I worked for Kaiser Foundation Hospitals (IT Department), Los Angeles from 2000. They hired me from India in 2000 and relocated me to USA in 2000, on the promise of greencard and relocated me to USA in 2000. I started working for Kaiser since 2000 and worked till 2007. My greencard was approved for I140 in 2008. However Kaiser has neither filed for my I485/EAD nor let me continue working in their office. I was sent to India for a vacation in 2007 for 2 weeks that got extended. Kaiser told it would rehire me. But it has not rehired me since then. I do not have salary in America since 2007. Even though I am willing and ready to work in America, no one has given me a job due to lack of greencard. Due to this my already purchased and paid for 4 yrs of mortgage, house is gone along with fully paid car. Would like to know how to file and receive Unemployment Benefits in Los Angeles.

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 Would like to know how to file and receive Unemployment Benefits in Los Angeles.



Each state has its own UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS LAWS so you would need to contact the California agency responsible for Unemployment Benefits.


I believe that every state requires that you have had employment during a base period; if you haven't worked since 2007, that is outside of all the base periods I know from different states.


HOWEVER, check with California; there may be other benefits out there.

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