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Stimulus payments are horrible for SSA recipients.

  1. Hello,.                                                                                     I'm a new member of AARP, and a recipient of Early Retirement benefits. The reason I'm writing is because of the extremely unfair Social Security payments under the new IRS stimulus check plan. The reasons are obvious in my petition below, and I'm asking for your support for all of us. Please copy and paste the petition, and sign it - a typed signature will be fine. Then email it to your representative in the US House. You may do the same to your Senators, but time is short and at least send it to your House members. The negotiations are ongoing and accelerating. Also, if you know several people who may be like minded, send the petition to them, and ask each to email it to several others. I think we can get many signatories, but we don't have a lot of time. I would add that it would be a good idea at the national level of the AARP to make this petion happen for all its members.  See the petition below, and I'm honored to address my new brothers and sisters in the AARP.                   Regards, Brian Hurley. - see petition below.                                                                                                            
Whereas people making up to 99,000 dollars per year receive the same in stimulus benefits as SSA beneficiaries in addition to there income, and whereas  the unemployed receive more than 2400 per month in EXTRA benefits, on top of their normal unemployment benefit, in addition to stimulus checks, while SSA beneficiaries receive only one,and, perhaps two, payments of 1200 dollars, and whereas the extra benefits, at some level, to the unemployed are expected to be extended for several more months, and whereas the approximate average monthly benefits to SSA beneficiaries is only 1400 Dollars, and whereas  Social Security beneficiaries are mostly older, and the risk of hospitalization and death from Covid 19 rises exponentially for those over the age of 65, we the undersigned make the following request:  All SSA beneficiaries, who fall into the category of making less than 99,000 per year, for an individual, or any new maximum income that may be agreed upon in current negotiations, be paid a stimulus check of 1200 dollars per month for every remaining month of 2020.  
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We are struggling and Trump wants us to stay that way.
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Suggest you get rid of the legalese and write a more comprehensible letter.  If I was a representative and received this letter, I'd have binned it half way through the first sentence!

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Perhaps those on SSI need to even make more than you are demanding for SS beneficiaries.


The stimulus payments as well as the added unemployment benefit, whether $ 600 per week or less, is to help many FAMILIES who aren't working at this time due to the Covid-19 virus.


I suspect that most SS beneficiaries don't have a family of children to feed.

I suspect that many SS beneficiaries haven't been shorted any pay checks from SS.

Their Medicare continues whereas many of these unemployed families have lost their employer based coverage.


Making up to $ 99,000 isn't that much when you have a family to take care of, a mortgage to pay, health insurance to buy, perhaps a car payment to keep going.


The stimulus is to keep not only families going but the total economy as well - they have lost their income or had it severely injured. SS beneficiaries haven't lost any dollars.  Their benefits have come in just like normal.


We are giving this stimulus so that people will continue to spend at least some until this thing is

( started to say, over -  but I don't think that is gonna happen for a good while) - learned to live with - we are in a new type normal for a while.


Everybody always needs money but I'm Sorry, I can't agree with your premise -


It's Always Something . . . . Roseanna Roseannadanna
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