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$15 minimum wage

With the increase in minimum wage, increasing over double the current amount, to $15, this will cause all food, and goods we purchase, go up in cost.


Unless Social Security also increases commensurate with this increase, it is the same as a decrease in the value of your monthly check.


The AARO needs to focus on getting this new administration to increase Social Security to offset the effect on the minimum wage increase.


Many seniors voted for this administration, and now are paying for that.


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A Google search for executive orders that President Biden has signed so far can be seen here.

Is there a list of all executive orders signed by President Biden? - Google Search


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I am sure that if the FEDERAL minimum wage is increased to $ 15, some states have already done so, it will make some things go up - but the increase isn't all at one time; it's staggered - When it begins to hit the prices of daily living, it will increase the cost of living and will be added into the SS benefit as a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA).


Before any adjustment in overall benefits, other than some COLA when they happen, the balance sheet of the Social Security Trust Fund has to be shored up.  Let's hope Congress can get together on this problem sometimes in the next few years; there are lots of different plans -


Thus far, President Biden has only signed an EO to increase the minimum wage on those FEDERAL employees and those employed under Federal contractors who make less. I doubt there are a lot of these, especially enough to affect the bottom line cost of most Americans.   Before the minimum wage is changed for the Nation as a whole to a minimum of $ 15 per hour, Congress has to do it by law - the President can only support this effort - Congress has to do the actual acting.

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