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Where do you want to live when you retire?












It is reported about 10,000 baby boomers retire daily.

Some of them want stay home where they are.

Some want to move to other place to enjoy their retirement.

Do you want retire and stay where you are?

Or do you want move to a community where you can make friends and share commen interests?



My wife & I moved down from Mich. to Sun City, Texas in Georgetown Texas.  It is a friendly active 55 & over community.  Lots to do & Georgetown is a great town.  Hot in summer but spring, fall & winter are great!

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I think people may also need to consider that with longevity & our retirement years expanding, it might be wise to accept lifestyle as a multi-phase process. When I began looking for a retirement home near the shore at 54, I was fine with being somewhere I'd have to drive to everything, and having a full flight of stairs between the garage & living space. But when I'm in my mid-70s, I can definitely see a move to a town with a walkable downtown shopping area, and being totally on 1-level!

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My dream for where I wanted to live (and die) would be the Northwest coast.  Preferably Seattle.  If I could wake up and go to sleep listening to breakers coming in, it would be my own private nirvana.

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I have two children living in the Atlanta area. I'd love to move there because of the culture, climate and the churches and spending more time with them. Not having the public transportation I'd grown up with in the city of my birth, Chicago, makes the choice to move to Atlanta a not so sure choice. The traffic is too stressful for a seniors. I'd have no problem returning to Chicago because of the culture, public transportation, churches and family there as well. I've lived most of my adult life in small(er) towns in Michigan but spent so much time returning to Chicago, even taking a year to work at a University there but my final choice would more than likely be Chicago since all my children love visiting there as well and spending time with family. I've missed the instant mobility/freedom of public transportation and the cultural activities that are so much a part of Chicago. I miss the church culture of that city.

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I grew up in the Seattle area and loved it. Moved to Andover, Massachusetts, in 1977 and loved it. Now I live outside Honolulu (for last 30 years) and love it. Of course most of my children--4 of 5--and grandkids --8 of10--live nearby which makes our location even more satisfying. If the kids were not here and the cost of living was an important issue Hawaii is not kind to retirees. The cost of housing, shelter, transportation, and food is at least 25% higher than the mainland. Also health care is fine on Oahu but spotty on the neighbor islands. If our children weren't here, I would most likely move to a medium size city like Salem or Eugene in Oregon and buy a place where most shopping, arts, and health care was walkable. 

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My husband and I sold our home last year in North Carolina and plan to retire in Savannah Georgia mainly because it's a warm climate area and a 4 hour drive to Florida 

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 I want to live in a non Democrat/leftist state in a rural parcel directly bordering state/federal: forest lands/lakeshore/seacoast where I can drop off the grid aka "walden" type existense/hunt/fish/garden/fruit tree/crab/sail/use dead[only]timber for fuel/rustic furniture/explore local nature/geology/hydrology in:southeastern coastal AK,ID,eastern WA,OR,WY, UT, MT,ND,MO,east TN,west NC,AR,NH,ME.

I turn 66 this May,and my SS will be limited

I need a good Protestant woman to join me SOON-ER !!!

Wh of you ladies will join me in these plans/move?

SN I'm talking about a cabin with static geothermal heat,some solar  roofing/ wind turbine/ram pump,shallow potable ground water,arable soil,>=10 miles out of town but within 72 hours of decent hospital,no close neighbors/shopping center/hazardous waste site,above tsunami/food lines/Ideally with landline electric[water pumping&refridgeration]&phone[basic internet[not cable TV/social media].

Any of you really ought to read:"Strategic Relocation"by Skouzas,distributed by

I have a heavy environmental/health/safety background,speak English and limited German,am plain spoken,Pro-2nd Amendment,currrently United Methodist Church member-and am Protestant by my deeds-not merely reciting verse!,process my own food/scratch cook&bake,tan fur/hides,make rustic furniture,dislike software/political correctness,am conservation oriented,like cats/dogs/skunks/other critters/etc. I figure on going to town[for church or supplies]once a week or less.Won't be a hermit.Want to "pick and choose" who I mingle with.

Again,who's going to join me?





"I need a good Protestant woman to join me SOON-ER !!!

Wh of you ladies will join me in these plans/move?"


I was gonna suggest Melania or Ivanka since you seem like a fan of their hubby/daddy.  But they're not protestant.  Good luck finding someone who can tolerate your intolerance!

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Karl, check out Yellville or Flippin, Arkansas. Sounds just what you are looking for. Just about everything you need nearby Mountain Home.

A very specific and detailed description of your wants/needs/desires/hopes and dreams. Impressive/intriguing/inspiring to say the least. Why only limited German? speaking. And when are you moving ? 😉




I am currently a full-time software developer...

I plan to semi-retire, at 59, by doing short-term (3-6 month) work contracts (till 65 ?).  That will allow me to do some "traveling" !  I am hoping to get some gigs in Europe (my granparents are from Spain/Galicia and the Canary Islands).

Permanent retirement at 65 ?  It depends where and what the three kids are doing !

I was born in Cuba - I would like to spend some time there.  It has been 46 years since I left, and I have never been back...

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Simply--In a RV, on BLM Land Boondocking-very low cost. In the south for the winters, in the north for the summers.


Iceland. I like remote areas. Plus, I don't really have a preference where I'll be buried.

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That sounds great.

I want to live near South Padre Island, Texas

1.   Make your decision so your kids or other relatives will not make it for you when a quick decision must be made.


2.  Consider a CCRC.  CCRC's are great and will provide care as you age.  Investigate each one carefully and inspect their financial status.  We live in a non profit CCRC in Florida with a strong sponsor.


3.   In Florida it is hot, but every summer when I try to make a trip somewhere to cool down, it is hot there also.  We went to St Louis last year and it was so hot, I could not stay outside.  The good thing in Florida is the winters are not bad.


4.   Retire where you can catch a commercial flight.


5.   Consider the cost of living.


6.   Make sure your neighbors will have the same interests as you.


7.   Check the medical care available.




I would add one more item to consider.  Leave yourself room and finances to change your mind.  Once you live somewhere, it may not be so suitable.  The older you get, the more you want family and most especially your children and family support system.

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@f93196k - Very helpful post!

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How do you know in advance the level of government corruption in a community? My husband and I acquired a condo in Howell Michigan. It was to be our retirement dream home. Fortunately we decided to start with the basement and found out that the condo community only allows you to illegally finish the basements as they do not want the legally required egress windows. The city of Howell is complicit in this and creatively interpreted the building code on behalf of the condo community to say that partially finished basements are exempt and that if you take the doors off a bedroom is not a bedroom. Building  inspectors have told us that those statements are false. The city  also accepted letters from co-owners saying the work was done before 1/1/2009 when egress windows were required for any habitable basement space , not just bedrooms . We saw the work being done on one unit in 2013 but the city did not want to hear it from us and accepted a letter from the co-owner, a local business man, stating  that all they did was carpet and paint. These "exemptions" seem to be applied to Brandon Chase Condos only and not to everyone in Howell. In consulting a lawyer, we were advised that as "outsiders" we were unlikely win a case against the local "old guard" of Howell MI. We are deciding where to move to but how can you find out in advance that you won't be a second class citizen there? Michigan is lax on enforcements. Appealing to the State and state senator Joe Hune and Hank Vaupel did no good.


We live in the San Francisco Bay Area, Northern CA and love it. But where we live a car is a necessity, and traffic is worsening. Being retired we can generally run errands or travel when it's non-commute hours, but once we stop driving it will change the entire scenario.


Our home is not possible to retrofit for universal access. The costs would simply not be worth it. It's extremely expensive to remodel here. 


We plan to stay in the area. When we can't keep up the house and garden any longer, we will either rent the house out or sell outright. We have done extensive financial planning so have looked at all our options should one of us become disabled or pass away. 


Our income is very comfortable and we have comprehensive LTCi policies. Our preference would be to move into a nearby CCRC, but it does have a costly buy-in so we'll have to decide if it's worth it. There are many other senior living options so a wealth of choices to investigate.


We have looked at eight nearby facilities but it's time to look out of our own neighborhood. Especially if we stop driving, it might be better to be nearer the other members of my family, who all live within a small geographic area about 20 min. away from us.


We could also move out of CA, so we are thinking to make some trips to the PNW and explore those options as well. 


Being socially and political liberal, we wish to remain within an ethnically and culturally diverse region. We're also serious foodies, so the more varied the restaurants, the better!


I'm beginning to look into retiring.  One of the lifestyle situations I feel must be available is good public transportation.  While I've never been to San Francisco, I have heard that it is possible to get around easily without owning a car, so I plan to look into that.  Weather is also important.  I am originally from New England and moved to San Diego 10 years ago.  I found it extremely expensive and unfriendly toward renters (I had sold my house in New Hampshire and had promised my family I would wait to purchase anything -- I waited too long!)  I later found a job that paid barely enough to live, but the job was in Las Vegas, so I moved there and have been unhappy with the extreme heat.  When I retire (I will be 74 this year), I would like to volunteer in a library or school, I would like to be around a diverse group of people of all types and ages and I would like to be able to walk to all of my destinations.


Am I looking for more than any one city can provide?

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San Francisco is typically a lot cooler and more damp than you are used to in San Diego. There is a quaint little town kind of mid state called Los Osos or also San Luis Obispo. The weather is very nice...not too hot or cold.  Los Osos is kind of a beach town....looks like a beach town too. As you come into Los Osos off of Los Osos Valley Rd off the 101 frwy, the town you go through is San Luis Obispo. That's a very nice town and has lots of ammenities...major stores, restaurants, etc. Check it out. You might find that you like it.  My son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter live in Los Osos and that is where my husband & I plan to move this year. We are currently in the Yorba Linda area. The summers here have been getting really hot and I'm not one to like the heat. Our niece lives near Solvang, CA., which is also a very nice area. I grew up in San Diego.  It was just ok, as far as I'm concerned, but I would not even consider San Francisco as it has way too many people and it is very difficult to get around due to traffic issues. There is a lot of pedistrian traffic as well, which causes a lot of delays because if you're not waiting on vehicle traffic, you're waiting on pedistrians. Good luck on your relocation, but check out San Francisco well before you pull up roots and move there. (Just my advise)

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@Itinerant1 - If you think San Diego is expensive, San Francisco is probably worse! Check out Zillow for the type of housing in which you're interested, and check prices!!

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try canyon, tx.  Moved here from MN 15 years ago, and love it.

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I love Asheville, NC.  It is in the mountains where summer is not too hot and there is little snow in winter. Fall and Spring are long and ideal.  Great Drs and Hospitals.  Homey and sophisticated at the same time.  Good places to eat.  It is a "with it" kind of place.  Diverse schools and a wonderful variety of active people.  

Problem is -- so many people want to live there cost of living is high and it is a Right to Work State resulting in low wages.


We are retired and live in Phoenix. The winters are great! For the hot summers we bought a home near Flagstaff. Two hours apart and a lot cooler!
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Where is your home near Flagstaff?  Is it in the mountains?

Phoenix in the winter and Flagstaff in the summer...the best of both worlds.

Good for you!


I like the ocean.....but for now my home is "The Villages, Florida. 



@Bronco56 wrote:
We are retired and live in Phoenix. The winters are great! For the hot summers we bought a home near Flagstaff. Two hours apart and a lot cooler!



I introduced my husband to the Smokies on our honeymoon, and he fell in love with the area, just like I did when I lived in TN.  Anybody know of a small cabin on a little piece of land with a view of the mountains?

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I want to stay in Naperville and live in Naperville for my retirement . I. Love my city Naperville . From Anne Kimble
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We've retired 'in place'. We have been in our one-and-only house for almost 37 years. I would love to have a place out in the Pacific Northwest, but most of our respective families live within an hour's drive. So, we're staying here. We are on a few acres, so I have been indulging in big-time gardening for a lot of years. We'll stay here until we physically cannot handle the property.

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