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New gameplan?

So it seems redeeming gift cards here has been nerfed. In the past you could redeem 3 $25 gift cards to various stores fairly easily every month... sometimes even $50 with Top Golf and Home Chef. Now clearly that is not the case anymore.


So what is the next? Are you going to start using all your earned reward points on sweepstakes? just save them? Or not max out your daily rewards anymore?


I am not sure exactly what I will do. At this rate it is not worth my time to max out reward points here daily. There are still rewards to be had, but it clearly isn't the same. I don't feel it would be very worthwhile to earn all these points just to put them all in sweepstakes. 


A necessary first step would be for Admin to designate ALL points-only deals and ALL sweepstakes -- including ALL instant-win items -- as being available for MEMBERS ONLY. Fact.

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I feel the reward points is an extra perk.  Instead of worrying about redeeming the points, I prefer to focus on the AARP activities to learn new information.  I especially love the exercise videos since I can't go to the gym during the pandemic.  I froze my gym membership until the pandemic is over, so I'm saving a ton of money not going to the gym or paying for weekly personal training sessions.  The AARP exercise videos is a good alternative for now until I can return back to the gym.  The points earned doing the activities is a nice perk, and I have enjoyed redeeming for gift cards.  Although it seems the gift cards are harder to redeem and some have been reduced to less value,  it's still a perk.  I have never accumulated enough points to reach a million points, so losing points is not a worry.  I have used my points on sweepstakes that I don't expect to win, but it's my daily "gamble".  There have been a few missed opportunities to redeem points for points only deals, but then it's because I don't get up early enough to find them  when a lot of the good deals come up at 6 a.m to 7 a.m.. PST.  I can't complain,  as I have gained much more knowledge from the program than the points I have earned.  I also enjoy this forum and want to thank the many members who contribute to the forum by posting alerts, suggestions, or technical problems they are having with the AARP site. 

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You don't need to accumulate a million points to start losing them.  As I read it, you will automatically start losing points when they become one year old, no matter how many or how few you have.  

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