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Magazines for Points Only



Will you be offering magazines for points only any time soon?  If so when?




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@rednexsrus   You are right.   Nonmembers should be excluded from points only redemption.  In on sweepstakes, cash offers, and use  points only for incentive to join AARP.   The good part of the new program is the excellent extensive content.  I am thinking this is provided by AARP such as the content on the AARP website.   The free greeting cards, as others have said, have been available on the internet almost from the beginning.   Points for sending them?   This is just one more way to make it seem like the program is offering more when it has shrunk drastically from this time last year.   Putting the instant wins on for a week does not make more winners.  Putting a big black banner and large pictures does not make the program more attractive.  As I've said before, we may be older, but we are not stupid.    It's time for AARP to consider another provider for the rewards portion and retaining its own excellent content.  And the promotional emails encouraging people to be part of the program and implying they could profit like Dawn?  No more of that until the program is improved.   Not enough here for the current members, much less way more.    Only one or two months could someone have earned the amount Dawn did with the $50 golf or pet cards.  Those have disappeared and people should not be led to think they can save this much money routinely...a mortgage payment?  Way misleading.

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I am thinking the old program used to have free magazines.  I get a couple from time to time with another organization.  Magazines are desperate for subscribers so they can sell advertising.   The company administering the new program does not seem to be going all out to find meaningful rewards in quantities to meet demand.   They are selling gift cards for more than one can buy them at warehouse clubs.   Like they bought them at Costco and are reselling them for more.  Costco operates at a cost only policy for what they sell but they are not selling them for a loss.   I'm thinking they are doing the same thing with magazines.   Getting them for nothing or a very small cost and reselling them for a lot more.

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The only solution to fixing all of the frustrating problems with this program is a change in the company that is running this program. This administrator (Merkle Inc) is not making any effort to provide the members with a rewards program that is interesting, enjoyable, FUN and above all rewarding. (5 redemptions per month) (points only eCards commensurate with the number of purchase eCards) (eliminate non-members from the program)

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We do not have any Points-Only Magazines scheduled for the catalog at this time.

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Great idea for those of us with lots of points but unable to earn rewards due to quick sell out.

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I am hoping more "points only" rewards will be offered before year's end.

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