Marylin has aptly nicknamed us as Rewards Warriors,😁 so lets continue our fight for the rewards we deserve. In the past we have let the subject of increasing our monthly digital rewards from a paltry three (3) rewards to a minimum of five (5) fall on deaf ears.😡😡 This has got to be our next big rally now that we have gotten the Transaction History working again.😀

There were other unfortunate events taking place that needed our attention so, it kinda got lost in the shuffle.🙄
"You've reached your limit of 3 digital rewards per month" is a phrase we all see way too often.😠
If we can accomplish a major fix in the Transaction History feature, a change in the limit of rewards per month should also be possible.
This is am excerpt from one of the Rewards pages explaining what Rewards is all about

"It's all part of a life well-played" "AARP Rewards is here to help you get ready for all the curveballs life can throw your way after 50."

Changing the maximum of 3 rewards per month would definitely remove a major curveball in my life. Lets just hope that the powers to be will act and not let this issue linger for nearly a year like the transaction history issue.
Our voice can make a difference😀
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There is at least one thing you can't really use right now that will let you purchase 5 of.  Carnival eGift Cards!  You can buy them for later use, if you are sure you will use them. 

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I agree that 3 rewards per month is sometimes not enough,  I sometimes miss out on a reward waiting to see if something better comes along.  This month, I couldn't even find 3 rewards that I wanted.  I got 2 CVS gift cards and that was it.  I guess I should have ordered 3.  5 rewards would be nice if the rewards are upgraded - a $5 or $10 gift card is almost useless.

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