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Daily Deal Eligibility Question

Recently acquired 3 digital gifts by mid month, and toward month end, a daily deal appeared that was obtainable by points.  Perked my interest, for sure.  Called AARP, spoke to a rep who upon questioning told me clear as day that I was STILL eligible to acquire the daily deal, and in fact, I THINK she said I could "win" a daily deal more than just once a month.


So I click to play, and get the proverbial you've used your 3 acquisitions in a month up, and haven't tried again since.


Please clarify on daily deal eligibility and if it's negated by acquiring 3 digital prizes already.  Kinda get the feeling the well intending CSR gave me a wrong answer, which I'm positive I heard her answer in favorable terms for eligibility that didn't work out. 



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Sounds to me like the person who told you that was confused.   The Daily Deal as you correctly said, is part of the redemption numbers.   The Daily unlimited, not that I've won any lately, lol, but have won a few.    

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