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Carnival gift card fail

So I went online Jan 3rd and tried to purchase my one and only per month Carnival Gift Card and the website froze mid-process and then told me I had already reached my monthly limit for that item!

My transaction history shows I have no purchases at all for 2020.

I'm already not happy being limited to one per month, but now I can't even buy that one!

Have emailed AARP and am waiting to see if they'll correct my account.




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@j906045d I've checked your transaction history as well and it does appear that your last purchase was on December 2nd, last month. Your purchase this weekend should have gone through per the monthly limitations. Have you tried again since? Are you still seeing the same message?

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I don't like the new AARP Rewards AT ALL. I won an instant win prize January 2 for a $25 gift card for Land's End but only received a $5 one. I called the AARP Rewards # and just got a run around response about calling the merchant. Land's End responded that AARP buys the gift cards and from that point it's out of their hands. I called AARP again and somebody seemed more responsive and took all my info, but it's been 3 days now with no further response. Really sucky customer service!

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@JTH24 There was a mistake with the Land's End instant win where winners were sent a $5 card -- all winners will receive the missing $20 by email. If you haven't received the second email, please let us know! It would be sent to the same email address you're registered with AARP Rewards.

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Carnival emailed me yesterday suggesting I call a phone number.  The very nice woman who answered did her best, first to understand the Rewards Program and then to figure out why the system wouldn't permit me to purchase the Carnival gift card. 

She said she could do nothing on her end to correct the error in the AARP system, but while racking her brain, suggested I clear the cookies, cache, etc.  

When logging back on AARP froze again, so we said goodbye.


I closed and reopened my browser again and began the process from the beginning.  This time it permitted me to purchase the card and gave me an order # saying the details are on the way to my inbox.  

It's only been about a half hour but I'll wait. The last 2 came with very quick emails, but I think I read some take longer.

Just passing this on in case it happens to another.

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