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Coming Soon - Weekly Instant Win Winners Increasing from 100 to 125!

Great news!  The Rewards catalog will be rolling out new functionality enabling the increase of Instant Win contest winners to 125. In order to add this new feature, all current Instant Win promotions must be completed before the new contests featuring 125 winners are added to the catalog.


As some of you have already noticed, the amount of Weekly Instant Wins are slowly decreasing in the catalog this week. 


Check back next week for brand new Instant Win offerings featuring more winners and prizes.


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Not sure what SOON means in your dictionary but its been 12 days now and I am still seeing only 100 IW contest winners not 125.

Not sure if this is a good thing anyway, 125 winners per day ?? For Members Only ??

You never gave Ginger a reply to her post of 7/29

I was somewhat glad to see 8 that's right 8, eight Instant Wins tiles this morning (8/10/21) Imagine that !! 

Not to worry about the number of IW"s available as the tag SORRY....... continues to appear at an even faster rate

Just Saying   




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@rednexsrus Sorry for any confusion, we will be changing the amount of winners to 125 next month. We did, however, change the times for the Instant Wins, they will now run from 12a EST- 11:59p EST.

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@AARPTeri  Nice touch, but there's this diversion.


As if we are confused, and did not read up on what you wrote. You also never mentioned the time change here, either. What a stunt! It's amazing! 

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Hey Teri 

Thanks for update

By any chance/hope 🙏🤗 will these be 125 winners per day vs over 7 days? 

Possibly be limited to Member's Only ?

Appreciate👏 your help always even if it seems we don't Thanks! Your a blessing 😍

Have a beautiful week 

Ginger  ;  )


Hello everyone 🤗. I agree Teri is a abundance of knowledge and help 👍. We can only Wish 125 Instant Win winners a day and Members only. I just noticed that when playing the Instant Win game , it is rather fast at saying Sorry. Does anyone know where we can find out how many members and non members are part of AARP Rewards. These games are based on the number of prizes and how many people play a Instant Win game. I'm just saying

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