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4 comments (12/3/22) Hello Everyone!


I live in Cave Spring, Virginia which they insist on calling Roanoke, Virginia sometimes. πŸ™„


We are a suburb in Roanoke and you could NOT pay me to live in Roanoke. High everything - homelessness, crime, housing, gas, food and so on.


That is what the government here calls Roanoke City. My area Roanoke County.


I retired July 2020 and hoping to "return" to Melbourne, Florida where my only child lives. We both left Florida in 2015. She accepted a job in Arlington, Virginia and I went to Manassas, Virgina. She didnot like Virginia and returned to Florida in 2018.


I would luv to hear from folks who live in Virgina, use to live here, have family here, visited here or would luv to move here.


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Nicole πŸ™‚ (Our Front Porch Forum - Virginia Discussions Thread)

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1 comment (12/24/22) Received both an email and text from my power company. Hmmm, they need to have the cops come to my neighborhood for all the lighted Christmas trees I see through all these windows, outside lights on and the mansions with their outside light displays. I don't know how folks can do this knowing thousands of us do not have power. GRATEFUL mine is still on and freezing my you know what off with thermostat at 62° (what they requested). Here in CAVE SPRING, 18° (feels like 5°), 14mph wind (howling outside). Nicole 😀

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Who is recommending 62Β°?  


Oh wait, I just went to the Appalachian Power website and read this: Storm and Outage Details.

Looks like VA got the hardest hit of their tri-state service area.  You're right, peeps need to cut off the Christmas lights. Bummer, but they are not crucial to safety.


Extremely cold temperatures across the region have created extraordinary demands on the power system. We are asking businesses and the public that have electric service to help by immediately reducing electricity use as much as possible without sacrificing safety.



1 comment (MONDAY 12/5/22 12:14pm EST) Just saw this on my Google News Feed and NOT surprised. Folks NOT wearing masks and on top of each other in WALMART when I go. Not me, mask on and "keep your distance from me" = 64, had ALL 5 Moderna Shots and yearly Flu shot.


➑️Any opinions on article?πŸ€”


COVID rates creep back up in Virginia. COVID-19 is making a comeback just in time to plague the holiday party circuit.


What's happening: Hospitalizations in Virginia were up 40% last week, per the Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association.




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Angela πŸ™‚ (Our Front Porch Forum - Virginia Discussions Thread)

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The article says mainly the far southwest of VA is seeing high levels.  I live on the other side of VA -- the northeast. 


Here is a handy-dandy guide from the VHHA to see how your region is doing.


For sure masks are rare these days, but I have never liked people breathing down my neck and cramping my space.  Often I will use a shopping cart, whether I need it or not, as a kind of barrier between me and other peeps, pushing or pulling it behind me as needed. 


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