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Where do we go from here?

So where do we want to see the Front Porch go from here?


I have felt like I have become a one man show here for a couple of years here. I don’t mind having a couple of favorite posts like The Coffee, What is Special About Today and a few others.


What baffles me is the huge number of followers some topics have yet many have basically no posters other than myself.


What I basically am asking for is like a Marine Corp Recruiter. 

" I'm looking for a few good posters!".





Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
Honored Social Butterfly

After three months and no changes in the number of posters and the lackluster involvement in people starting new topics I'm not sure it is worth my keeping the Front Porch going.

We seem to have many followers who seem to still be afraid to post. 

I've been posting here since January of 2009 and I hate to see it slowly die.

Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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I have one issue. How do we rid ourselves of all this toxicity in our society? It' s extremely depressing !

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