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Good Morning to the Front Porch and Welcome to May 2020 Goodbye April 2020.

Hoping everyone has a great First Day OF May 2020.



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@Frozenoem, I believe you are thinking of the Great Smoky Mountains or the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC.


Love the photos, @DaveMcK .  Seeing the Revolutionary soldiers makes me wonder when and if we will see living history programs and reenactments again.  Living in the middle of Civil War country, it has always been a fun and interesting hands-on experience, but I can't really see the Feds and Rebs sitting around the cooking fires or feeding the horses with their masks on.  I'm going to miss wandering around the camps talking to the soldiers (on both sides).

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Hi, Everyone!

Oh, wow! Today I discovered I still have arms!

No jacket needed to go to the post office today. Temp was 72 when I left the house wearing a long sleeved top which was even too warm. Came home and changed into a tee shirt. My eyes keep going to this white stuff below my sleeves…it’s my pale arms! First time in a short sleeved shirt since early Fall of 2019. Might get to 80 today.

 Mmmm! Me, too!Mmmm! Me, too!


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Good morning to everyone here on the Front Porch on this cloudy Friday morning in May 2020. It is partly cloudy and we have a morning temperature of 72* with an expected high of 84. There is a minimal chance of rain today.


As Memorial Day events across Madison were canceled, downsized or shifted online, a number of area residents observed the holiday in small family groups in the Forest Hills Cemetery. 

There was a limited Memorial Day service here at a cemetery near here. They placed small flags around the entire cemetery this year. Family members placed flags at the graves of family Veterans. Neil McCallum, of Madison, U.S. Army veteran, attends a Memorial Day ceremony put on by the Madison Veterans Council at Forest Hill Cemetery in Madison, Wis., Monday, May 25, 2020. AMBER ARNOLD, STATE JOURNALIST PHOTOS. 


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Never Look Down on Anybody...Unless You Are Helping Them Up. 🙂
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                                                        😁          👍             😁


animated jan 2019 smile and have a happy sunday CUTE.gif


Never Look Down on Anybody...Unless You Are Helping Them Up. 🙂
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Good morning to everyone here on the Front Porch on this cloudy Friday morning in May 2020. We are looking at a cloudy day today with some early shows to start the day. I was hoping to grill out brats and burgers this evening but not sure right now. Plan B is braised tuna steaks on the stove. We did make a quick trip to the grocery store yesterday. 



From our house to yours have a safe Holidays Weekend!



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Dear @DaveMcK,

Mmmmm, yummm!

If I promise to practice social distancing, could I just...


drive driving.gifby and you pitch me a bunned and dressed burger and brat...


and I'll toss you a couple of non-alcoholic brews? 

Just a thought!


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Well, what I thought were good mask options all were pretty awful.  The last mask I used fogged up my glasses.  I put the glasses away which I often do anyway.   The danged mask started riding up my nose, into my eyes!    I have one more mask, looks like the one most often in use by others and hopefully I will find that one acceptable.


Looks like non essential retail stores are open.  Many government offices are still closed though.   They are handling things by phone or online.  Now for the most important news.  Library branches will offer contactless book pick up starting May 26.   I cannot imagine how my tiny local library will do this but I will be there soon after they open to find out. One book I ordered has been there waiting for pickup since March 13. 


I think our weather reprieve is over.   Will hit 80 today and for the foreseeable future.  And I cannot help myself, will start complaining about it pretty soon.  Already had a few bug bites. 


I hope Nancy  (n5661921) is OK, no posts from her in awhile.   @Frozenoem  sorry you lost  your friend to this awful illness.  I am still missing my friend who died Feb 13.  Always think I want to tell him something.   @catwoman500   You actually sound pretty cheerful.  @LydiaN I think you are always cheerful.  @DaveMcK  You seem tranquil as always.  Stay well my friends.

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83* and sunny here, with dandelions appearing after first mulch of year.



Just for you or anyone else, no fog masks.


White polyester no fog masks, they sell in packs of 5. Black fly season, and sunglasses protection. With no fogging.
Have wire in nose piece for tight seal on bridge of nose.Washable and reusable.👍


Polyester must have changed since 60’s, I can breathe through mask. Don’t have issues like with Nehru still wouldn’t attempt smoking near one though.🤣 Reason for all of those little pinholes on the jacket I guess.


Re: Friend he’d like the affordability of his next flight here, just not the manner of flight. He can come in carry-on luggage with documentation.

Washington state to Maine. Hated flying in life, his kids hate driving.


@n566192l - tempted to call her last night then stuff happened.

Perhaps later as moods change.


Had to call friends last night also in lockdown to find that one was in lockdown at her condo, and computer hacked. Joy of remembering where she was hunkered down, calling management and getting message delivered to her, to call me. And then sending emails off to rest of chain.


She was Maggi (Emty) of campers from AARP back in early 2000’s. Not to be confused with Maggie O’Doyle.


My back and ribs are forecasting rain in a week, love arthritis.




Behold rollcall! We live, how life continues, despite Coronavirus.

Many have formed virtual and real friendships through the years of talking and griping, about a wide range of subjects, and the ever present weather or whatever.🤣


Need caffeine, New neighbor at door suggests he’s locked out of house. Hobby of 40 years is required, 2 hours to nearest locksmith. Gotta find a Bobby pin, who locks doors.🤣😆 We all pack heat, which keeps crooks antsy up here. Or else we tend to hide a spare somewhere, try to remember where after 20-30 years can be a pita.








And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Good Morning, Front Porchers!


I was awake before dawn this morning.  I arose with great ambition to tackle the yard today--mowing, weeding, bush-trimming.  The works.  But after dutifully making my bed and doing a load of laundry, having a cup of green tea for medicinal purposes and a cup of cream and sweetener laced coffee, and eating a hearty bowl of oatmeal with raisins and Lactaid milk,  I've now slumped into my family room sofa and have been semi-consciously (dozing in and out) watching The Godfather on AMC.  (They're having a marathon today.)


What's wonderful about having several days off in a row is being able to totally R-E-L-A-X!  I don't have to cram a bunch of anything into a few free hours in a day before dashing off to work.  I can take on a project a day or none at all.  Wundabar!!!  And so, so far today, I've done laundry and that just might be it for today--checked off the TO DO LIST.


Anyway, @Frozenoem, I noted from your post that you had a day on the lake yesterday.  I hope the fishing was fruitful and if not at least relaxing.  So what was it for dinner--steak or fish?  Either one, I'm sure was good.  Nothing like home cooking especially when fresh off the grill. Yum.


And @LaDolceVita, you gave me some chuckles as I read about your trial and error experiences with your face masks.  I, too, have found some sizing and fitting problems with my masks.  But as I say about many things, "Something's better than nothing."  Congrats on getting your hair cut.  I know you must feel a little "light-headed" now.  lol lol lol   Are you laughing?  It's been so long since I last had a hair cut/styling, that I'd rather say, "just forget about it!"coiffeur-enfant-ciseaux-cheveux-peigne-.jpg Lastly, about the library.  Truly you are fortunate that your library is re-opening under any circumstance.  Ours have not even given a date as to when they might re-open.  But I can hardly wait as reading is one of my favorite pastimes.  


@n566192l, where are you?  Like Froze and LaDolceVita, I've wondered how you are doing.  So drop by if you're up to it--just to let us know you're okay. OK?


@sunluvngal  and  @wvgirlforever  and  @DaveMcK , and all the other porchers out there, good morning to you all and have a wonderful and peaceful Sunday.


Down with the pandemic and Up With People!!!





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Hello 65* and sunny Sunday, yesterday was Salmon and Fiddleheads day for 3 meals. Needed my fix for awhile.



Re: Lydia as a fan of Groucho Marx , my mind always goes to Lydia , oh Lydia, that encyclopedia, no problem with the name. Same with Aunt in-law Lyda, mind games for pronunciations, she was a Lie Da.


Had to hit lake again to charge phone, the joy of off-grid and cigarette lighter above other battery. One for engine gas and one for accessories like electric trolling motor.


Will return to reality on Monday, for Memorial Day, just won’t be going anywhere near Arlington or DC and “The Wall”.


Besides I’m still avoiding crowds, masked or otherwise had oopsie with non masked 

patriot and he may have tripped over my cane, his friends said he was inebriated and I honestly have no idea how he landed in the water. I did assist with his returning to the dock.👍


There are days when I’m not made for playing in polite company and need to be away.

This week would be one for being away.


Monday will return to civilization, Tuesday need to make phone calls to find an Asian market with preserved lemon, one very specific brand. Called the entire eastern seaboard and couldn’t find, Covid-19 got in the way for every shop.


Hope all enjoy their weekend.







Preserved Lemons required😷

And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Hello out there in Porchlandia,

It’s gonna be hard to catch up with all the posts, but I’m going to give it a try.

It’s cool today, but will be warming up to the 80’s in the coming week. By June 5th we are moving out of the red phase to the yellow phase, one of the last counties in PA to make the move toward reopening. Some of the red counties are moving to green, but those are on the other side of the state.

So, I’m hoping to get to the hairdresser. She does it in her house and said I was welcome to come over, but I don’t want to get her in trouble, and besides, her husband has cancer and I don’t want to unknowingly bring anything in.

My dentist’s office called and left a message that they are going to open for the emergency list next week, and so I may be able to get my crown repaired soon. It was quite a shock when it fell out on April 14th.

I agree that there are way too many people giving up and are going about irresponsibly without masks/gloves.

@Frozenoem ...I'm sorry about your friend. It proves the point that we can't be too careful. You stay steady! I hope his flight is mask needed for him! Hope your fishing was successful. The salmon or trout would be my choice. 😺

@DaveMcK ...I did see the news footage of the Michigan flooding. It would be scary in normal times...worse in this pandemic. Prayers going out. And, next time you grill, I'll take a burger.

@LaDolceVita ...I'm so happy you will be able to get to your library! Haircut is still questionable for me, but I did get some hair cutting scissors. My hairdresser promised me she could fix any mistakes I might make. 😳

@LydiaN586309 ...Sometimes our brains have great ideas, but our bodies just laugh! Relax and enjoy!

@wvgirlforever ...You sound like me this AM except no heat wave here. Went to the grocery store first thing. My last haircut was February 26th!!!!

@wvgirlforever , @LydiaN586309 , @Frozenoem ...My grandmother's name was Lydie (Lie-dee).

I hope I got in everything I wanted to.

You all take care and stay safe. Enjoy your Memorial Day.


Act responsibly!Act responsibly!


Esteemed Social Butterfly



You did better than me on names, really feeling old this week🤣.

Like the cat in mask. 👍

Time to pair my AirPods again, don’t think my mind is Functioning on all cylinders.




Welcome back to happy valley.👍

80* and sunshine with frost a coming. Only visitors on land, are this duo spotted an hour back it’s a long lake.





Another hour and I may actually land at launch site, trying to think of another way to get where friend wants to be, and just not happening.


Guess it will be satellites and google maps when I return to civilization.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Hello, Porch Peeps,

A gray beginning here. 61 right now but supposedly the sun will shine and we’ll reach the 70’s.

It’s not exactly the kind of Memorial Day we all are used to, and people are doing their best (but some their worst) to make a positive approach to any celebrations.

Some of the news footage is so disheartening, showing folks not paying any attention to acting responsibly. This coming as hot spots for the virus are popping up and unfortunately encouraging a second outbreak.

I understand that people are discouraged and tired of holing up in their homes, but if it is the only way to save lives… what is the alternative?

I’m “discouraged” by the people who don’t seem to care that they are contributing to the misery by acting in such defiant and childish ways with their going back to socializing like it was last year.

Maybe it’s because we are older and can better understand the consequences of what this type of behavior may bring that we can see farther ahead? I have no answers, but I want us all to stay safe.

Enjoy the holiday, the best way that you can, and remember those who gave all for our freedom.

flag on porch.jpg


flag field.jpg


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@catwoman500 very well said.  I agree with every word you wrote.  It's a beautiful day here this morning in the Chicago area.  Although, it's supposed to be in the mid 80s which isn't too good for me.  I hope everyone has a good Memorial Day and remember all of those who gave their lives for all of us.  



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Good Morning Front Porchers!

I wish everyone well, health, blessings, and peace on this Memorial Day!


In Honor and Memoriam

We Give Thanks to Those Who Served 

And Gave Their All in Service To All of Us

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LydiaN586309  good morning,


I've already been on the move this morning.  Got up and made my way to the grocery store before it became too hot.  Summer has finally hit us here in Illinois & I'm not a big fan of the heat.  It's supposed to be 88 here today and will probably have some humidity along with it.  So thankful for air conditioning.  Things are starting to open up more here.  My beautician sent a text a couple of days ago and I now have an appointment for June 3.  Can't wait to get it cut.  My last haircut was March 12.  Another thing that I usually get done monthly is a pedicure.  Looking forward to that opening up as well.  There are obviously restrictions that need to be followed in both places.  I certainly don't have a problem with that.  No word yet on when the dentist will return to work.  A cleaning was canceled while we've been on stay at home orders.


How do you pronounce your name?  That was my grandma's name as well but she pronounced it as Ly (sounded like an I)da.


Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend.😎34FCA876-EF38-4CA6-97FD-2122FC7067FA.jpg

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Good morning, @wvgirlforever !

I just checked my phone for the temperature here and it is already 78 degrees with a high of 84 predicted later.  Ugh!  I'm like you in that I don't like the extreme heat.  But I am glad for the warmer weather and the sunshine that is in full bloom right now. 


So I guess I'm gonna force my ever-widening backside (a side-effect of couch potato-itis) to get up and head to the garage.  At least I can get the backyard mowed today if I get started now.


And to answer your question about my name, it is pronounced "Lid-Dee-Ya."


Enjoy your Day,




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@LydiaN586309   Great news on your test, I have been watching your posts for results.  @catwoman   when I had my haircut the operator and I both wore masks.  She checked my temperature when I walked in.  I think there is a number limit on patrons.   No walk ins in this particular shop, all by appointment.  

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Hi my phone says I have signal , 66* and sunny, needed to get away so, escape happened.


No black flies in present location. on water.😷 


The magic question become what’s for dinner Salmon, Trout or RibEyes.


Hope all enjoy their day, just had to get away.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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  1. Hi from Lake Havasu, Arizona! Another Day in Paradise. 😁❤  Hoping you all stay safe, happy and healthy!  And a happy and peaceful Thursday to you ALL! 💃



tenor (2).gif


Never Look Down on Anybody...Unless You Are Helping Them Up. 🙂
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It’s 71* the sun is shining and time to play in the sunshine, liberally dosed up in deet and masked to breathe in fresh air, minus black flies.


Kids are out and slathered up to prevent being picked up and flown away by the above.


Pants have been sprayed with Permethrin for ticks , they’re out as well.

Think I’ll mow the grass.😆 4 days battery has been charging, noticed this AM. Not liking the phone today.



For no reason other than cleaning my phone, I send to all a picture from Constitution docking beside the Preble? in Boston, a few years back. 2001 or 2002 maybe. Have military, duty, honor and service to country on my mind. Memorial Day must be coming.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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 Good morning to everyone on the Front Porch on Wednesday May 20, 2020.  We are looking at a high temp of 70 and partly cloudy skies changing to sunny this afternoon. Thursday and Friday will be the same.

Top news of the day: Severe flooding struck central Michigan on Wednesday after two dams were breached by rain-swollen waters, forcing the evacuation of thousands of residents and prompting officials to warn of life-threatening danger. May we all have these people in our thoughts as they face this catastrophe in these all ready challenging times! Bless them one and all!




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Tuesday 68* sounds about right, experienced my first virtual mourning / wake experience, last night.


Lost a royal PITA/Friend of 63 years, didn’t think masks were required on PD, permanent retirement now!


Now, off in search of Mongol/Chinese treats he introduced us to, for his actual wake, hopefully in July/Aug when he’s interred at secret fishing spot.

Have leads which need to be followed. 


Need to work on my balance issues, will be hiking in around 10 miles with 2 remaining friends from youth, and his whipper snappers.


That’s about all I’ve got today, have plans to make, and stuff to find.


ps - virtual leaves a lot to be desired.



There’s more of us, then them hopefully here. Really!


Peace, love and happiness, 






And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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GOOD Tuesday morning, from Lake Havasu, AZ, everybody!!  Looks like we're gonna have a cool down for a few days, in the 80"s and mid 90's.  The no triples will make a few of the Havasuvians happy.  🙂  


Made a trip to Bealls and Walmart yesterday.  That'll probably be my shopping for the week!  Not as much fun having to go through the mask, gloves and sanitizer process, but looks like it's gonna be that way for awhile.  Still not a lot of places open to shop for clothes.  Dillards JUST opened up...all with restrictions, of course.  Still not everyone wearing masks, unfortunately, but will be that way through the remainder i'm sure...since there's still people that believe this is all a joke. One of the cashiers that waited on me yesterday was one of those, that surprised me!  Oh well, everybody has to do what they feel is best and we all have differing opinions on just about everything. 


Hoping you ALL stay healthy and Wishing you whatever kind of Tuesday you want!!


Animated a day filled with love and laughter.gif



Never Look Down on Anybody...Unless You Are Helping Them Up. 🙂
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If this site isn't supposed to be political, the last words of your post below the picture shouldn't be there.  I was enjoying your post until I saw that.  This is enough to make me leave the site if this is ok.  Stay safe.

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EVERYDAY is a good day to have a great day!!  👍 😁  💃  




TODAY is a good day for a great day.jpg




Never Look Down on Anybody...Unless You Are Helping Them Up. 🙂
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Last night and this am was a nightmare for me. I’m taking a LOA for now from work,  for me
that’s never happened as far as I can recall. Could be wrong, nagging inner voice, don’t think it’s paranoia.


Politics is best served cold and ignored here. Yeah, it happens and erupts sometimes.


These just aren’t normal times, and IM trying to gauge my words carefully, while meeting the terms of group and dealing with autocorrect.

Pandemic and T , not happening. Need a walk , more of a stagger. 

Not even google search is working tonight for meanings of words.


Gotta go, have a good night, not even speaking to my R fuzziness  tonight. Cousin=fuzziness.


Spellchecker on iPhone insists cuzzin is fuzziness. Sometimes I notice, sometimes it’s just🤷‍.


Edited out.










And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
Trusted Social Butterfly

Hoping you all have a peaceful relaxing Sunday!




Never Look Down on Anybody...Unless You Are Helping Them Up. 🙂
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Please note that we are a totally politics free zone.  If people want to talk politics or support a candidate there are a couple of interesting groups on AARP.  As one of our Porchers said! "We are very low keyed and we like it that way"! I hope everyone enjoys their quiet times here on the Front Porch!  This was the rule here before I joined the group in January 2009! Please respect this policy and enjoy your time here!



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