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I love the "idea" of the drive-in concert venue, BUT I still think it's too soon to do it.  New COVID cases are popping up all over the country.  And although four people in a car may not sound like a lot of folks, what if you drive a really small car?  Even a larger car doesn't seem to be enough space to accomodate.  I guess the six feet distancing is not a consideration.  


People are going to do what they want and take their chances.  But I won't be one of them.

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Re: Drive-In Concerts

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I think the concerts, etc. are a great idea....for a family who has been quarantined together. I don't think it's a good idea at all to go with friends....way too close with the accommodations!

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Drive-In Concerts

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We will not be going!


With baseball at Warner Park still a question mark because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Madison Mallards’ Duck Pond is about to go cinematic.

Next week, the Mallards will premiere drive-in movie nights (and days) in the outfield at the Duck Pond, starting on Wednesday with a showing of the Disney film “Aladdin” on the brightly lighted left field video board.

For $40 per vehicle, carloads of movie fans will be able to drive onto the outfield grass, tune in the sound on their FM radios and watch Hollywood favorites.

Vern Stenman, president of the Mallards, said he’s not sure where the idea came from — maybe from somewhere else in the U.S. where something similar is being done — but he said he has “an affinity for the concept.”


“I can’t remember the exact genesis,” he said. “It’s one of those things someone on the staff saw happening elsewhere.”



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Drive-In Concerts

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What is your opinion on these pop up drive in concerts that are beginning with Garth Brooks this weekend?  I also saw that Brad Paisley was going to do 3 of them in Nashville, Indianapolis & Maryland Heights, Missouri.  4 people per car and I don't exactly remember the costs.  I don't know if I would still feel as safe as I would need to be with being considered as high risk with age and health.


Hope everyone is well and having a great day.


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