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Good Morning to the Front Porch and Welcome to May 2020 Goodbye April 2020.

Hoping everyone has a great First Day OF May 2020.



Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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90* now and humid, with thunder Storms in future. Will mow eventually I hope.


The only problem with lawn was when town plow drove on lawn, will reseed with Scott’s it’s green colored for filling in dead grass, Or bare ground, water every day, et voila grass. Besides my lawn is mixture of grass, clover, wheat and wild 🍓strawberries, old farmland.

Have one of those seedling trees, right at corner of mud room and main house, need to take down it’s 10’ tall and in younger days66 with balance 10 seconds and chain saw, now need to take bow saw to it, out a window.


Guess the 5-6 feet Snow was enough to water the rest of the lawn when it started to grow. Low snow fall amount. I was capable of looking out first floor windows all Winter, and didn’t have average 12’ pile outside dining room/kitchen or living room🤣

Set temp on AC happiness is 80* inside, dew point outside oppressive. Fingers still work👍.

Annoying bit was leaving comfort to Offgrid location for 8 hours- hot, came back to sleep and eat.My laptop is still working there I hope.




It’s a weird year for feral’s most are seemingly disappearing for month, then reappearing like nothing happened, from Maine, Florida, to MN and WA. Not all friends are dog types some have ferals Might be weather or noise in city/towns.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Hi, Everyone,

@LydiaN586309 … that cat face you posted is my face every morning when I first get up! LOL

Well, today was hair cut day. I’m just dwelling on this topic because the hair was annoying the heck out of me.

It feels so good to be back to normal.

We are in the sweats today. I woke up feeling comfy, but as soon as I exercised and then put on my jeans….AC here we come.

Plants outside are drooping even though they have enough water.

We should get some rain tonight and drop the humidity.

91 right now and feeling like 95.

Salmon is in the oven for dinner later. Smells good.

Enjoy your day!

Haircut day!Haircut day!


I will never let a poodle cut my hair again.jpg


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Morning to everyone on the Front Porch on this very early Saturday June, 2020! We are looking some weather with rain, wind and thunderstorms today and into the night. 

Mary and I got a call from the Wisconsin Department of Health to tell us that we both tested NEGATIVE to the Covid-19 virus. So being on lockdown sense March 9th has worked so far. When we go out we are wearing masks and using hand sanitizer as we pick up groceries. When we return home we change clothes and 

wash up. I wipe the food down with sanitary wipes and wait several hours before bring the food in. 

With the rallies going on and people going out so much I'm not sure how much longer this will last. Please stay safe and stay well!

The view from the deck below is the view of Green Lake, Wisconsin that we had from our family cottage from 1942 till 19 79. The new home was recently purchased this year and I have been in contact with the new owner. 

13442279_10209349433552616_6717876807072849321_n.jpg103816608_181942330015642_4409286387243731605_n.jpgIMG_3263 (1).jpgsaturday_051.jpg

New home built in 1980New home built in 1980


Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Hello folks.  A lovely start to summer is about to end, weather wise that is.  Will have to turn on the air today for the first time this  month.


The virus is increasing here it looks like.  My county still looks pretty good with a cumulative total of 450.    Neighboring counties much higher.  @catwoman500   The dentist did not require PPE for a cleaning visit, just waiting in the car until appointment.  I saw yesterday that local senior center classes are offered on Facebook now.  No sign of  anything opening that is not essential. I do not go anywhere except grocery shopping (except the one recreational shopping visit I made 2 weeks ago).  Dosing myself with extra Vitamin C, zinc and sunshine in case the virus is lurking at the stores.  I am beginning to miss "normal".  @Frozenoem   Good for you being able to hike again.  @DaveMcK  What a pretty place.

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Good Morning, Everyone!

Happy Summer!

@LaDolceVita ...yep...the stickiness is arriving here also. Pretty sure I will have to close the windows and turn on the AC unfortunately. Glad your dentist visit didn't cost you the extra PPE fee.

I am on top of the hairdresser called, and I am going to her house on Tuesday to get a haircut! 😻 No more COVID hair! Just in time for my birthday next Thursday! Wahoo!


Cannot believe my Phillies may have halted the return of even a limited baseball season this year. Spring Training was shut down yesterday because 3 players and 2 other staff tested positive for COVID!  😾

@DaveMcK ...Glad you and Mary are fine!


Keep following those safety standards, everyone. Stay safe!

hello summer cat.jpg


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Morning to everyone on the Front Porch on this very early Wednesday, 2020!

Was not able to sleep after waking up after at 5:00Am. While making coffee I noticed that I was not the only early bird as I saw couple walking by. A little later a young woman went running by.

Yesterday morning Mary and I decided to go to the County free Covid-19 testing center. Will find out our the results in about a week. 

There has been an uptick in new cases of the Virus in several states with some relationship to early openings in those states. "People are so ready to get back to life forgetting that in 1918 the second wave of the Spanish flu reportedly killed 20-50 million. The first wave only killed 3-5 million. History does indeed repeat it's self"

We are looking at another Sunny day with a high of 85. Hoping your day peaceful and relaxing!


Good morning!Good morning!91059427_10216986413876105_2252454650168999936_n.jpgsunday-quotes-smile-love.pngfernwood_0.jpg

Stay safe and stay well. 

Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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83* sunny and after I returned last night , had to go out again (work).


Spent the night playing with someone solar backup and batteries.


Who I did see upon waking, answered the age old question of where do bears 💩.



Re: COVID-19 we’re still in the first wave, according to Fauci and will continue into October.


The numbers are still climbing for dead >115K, and 23 States are once again spiking. Solar array belonged to Epidemiologist.


He said if he lived elsewhere, he wouldn’t be going out. Mask, gloves, sanitizer, eyes covered or add face shield.

The good news is we’re closer to vaccine, the bad news it’s still 6-9 months away for distribution.


A little paranoia is good for survival. Social distancing works👍. Where he lives nearest human neighbor is an hour away by boat, 2.75 hours by roads paved and dirt.



Time to play



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Hello, Peeps!

Yeah, things are starting to open up as the cases of COVID increase again...Huh?

Debate over mask wearing...Why? You just wear the darn things and keep others safe for Pete's sake, and you expect others to do the same for you! Not rocket science..."make sense science."

Big non-mask rally scheduled for Saturday...guess who?

I'm keeping busy around the house and I go out when I need to, wearing a mask, and sometimes gloves.

Stay safe, all, and keep washing those hands. 😻


"Cookie to go with my coffee, please?""Cookie to go with my coffee, please?"




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Hi, Everyone, Happy Friday!

My driver's license expires at the end of the month and I had renewed, paid, and had the camera card, waiting for the driver's centers to re-open. Read that they were opening and had senior hours so made my decision to try it.

Had an impressive visit yesterday!

Well, with dread in my throat I proceeded...

As I drove closer to the building I could see a line from the door to the other side of the building and down the side of the building. UGH. I passed a bunch of people kind of isolated on the other side of the parking lot… Rolled down my window and asked where the line was. This lady was so nice, she said, “this group was waiting for their licenses to be brought out to them, so I was lucky to get a spot.” Looked at where she was pointing and there was a spot dead center in front of the door (not a Handicapped…they were filled)! There was a uniformed security guy right there and I motioned to see if it was ok for me to park there and he motioned me right in. Put up my placard and got out of the car.

Another guy was there also and I asked them if the line was down the side, and he said, “no…come right in!” He opened the door and even got me a ticket and told me to have a seat I was about 11th in line. They were on # 172 and I was #184. The chairs were all distanced and on tape marks on the floor. From then on it was exactly the same as the last time. Your # got called, you went up and had your photo taken, waited again until your name was called to get your license. I was so impressed at the way it was handled, and so glad I went in during the senior days/hours. What they were doing, I figured out…if any senior came, then they were taken in right away, and then the line outside filtered in if there were no seniors waiting. It was so efficient! I complimented them on the way out and the guy who took me in said laughingly, “it was this guy (pointing to the security guy) who made us do it.”

My photo doesn’t even look that bad despite the COVID hair. All in all, it worked out well. I did ask about the Real ID, but that whole thing has been suspended for now because of COVID.

@Frozenoem ...feeling the heat up there? 😸


All you dads out there have a great Father's Day on Sunday!


I smell coffee brewing!I smell coffee brewing!


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Unfortunately yes, we’re feeling the heat. Started morning with temp of 90* and humidity or dew points up.


Expect heat to remain for a week or two. Last night I looked at the air conditioner on the floor and considered putting it in the window again.


For the moment the house is cool 60* with windows closed, I know it will heat in the time it takes to pickup and throw the AC in window.


That will be my excitement or howl of the day, finally got my shoulder back in socket. What will win out comfort or pain.

If I weren’t so tight/cheap/frugal with money and if it didn’t cool the entire first floor, really would like to replace with one of the splits, 10 lb fans in window, AC unit on floor.


I might be getting older😷, at least I’m getting better at dictating to phone, either way.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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@catwoman500, glad to hear your DMV experience went relatively painless. (DMV = Div. of Motor Vehicles; is that a VA thing?).  My license was set to expire latter part of last year and for first time in years, I went in person because after 10+ years, they informed me I had to update my photo.   No better time to update to RealID.  Lordy!  Now I know why I do everything online.  The hordes.  It took hours -- mostly waiting.  And I had to dig up documents I haven't seen in years (much less wasn't sure I still had).  Birth certificate, wedding certificate (name change), proof of address (ID, bills -- I do e-billing!  Fortunately, I just received an official notice from VA -- Veterans Affairs, not Virginia, so I clung to that like gold instead of immediately 'filing' it in ♻.)  There were glitches and more waiting, but I finally got the coveted star on the corner of my driver's license and right before this whole other mess got started in earnest.


@LynneS930241, yes, it can get brutal on certain other forums, but it's the nature of the beast, I guess.


@Frozenoem, my kind of hiking -- bushwhacking, but I prefer winter when all the leaves are brown and dead, and poisonous creepy-crawly things are huddled away in their winter abodes, not in mid-July! 😲  The school bus reference brought to mind that they recently airlifted the infamous 'Into The Wild' bus from the wilderness in Denali NP after too many hikers had to be rescued or died while trying to visit it.


On a final note, my lost furkid, Stellar, is still MIA.  I haven't given up hope figuring any day he'll just come bopping up, but it's been almost 2 weeks.  I even called animal control and filed report, but the fact that he is a TNR feral makes it less likely someone would trap and bring him in.  But gotta cover all the bases.  I've just been so bummed out lately.  Still do the after dark walkabouts with the other kids wearing my headlamp hoping to see extra pair of eyeballs reflected.  So far, I've chased down 2 other cats, a raccoon, and a deer.


Hope all the dads have a safe, but happy day.

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Morning everyone here on the Front Porch on this Saturday morning here on the Front Porch June 2020. It quite now that the remnants of the Gulf tropical storms have past after dumping 5" of rain on my rain gage.  It is sunny today with little change of rain for several days.

The protesters have been quiet after rioting did major damage to our famed State Street between UW Campus and the State Capitol. It seems that outside agitators did a lot of the damage to businesses on State and University Avenue. Madison has had a long history of protesting. When will we learn to live as One World!





Local artist Mike Lroy spray paints a mural on the boarded up exterior of Tutto Pasta on State Street in Madison, Wis., Tuesday, June 2, 2020. AMBER ARNOLD, STATE JOURNAL

Street artists Mike Lroy, 27, and Liubov Szwako, 31, painted a mural across the wooden boards covering the whole of Tutto Pasta, 305 State St., Tuesday morning. Lroy said they are choosing mural arts as way to respond and process racial strife. "This is allowing artists of color to express themselves and their feelings about what’s going on right now," Lroy said. "I think it’s a great first step for communities that are experiencing cries for help.” Szwako, who was born and raised in Mexico City, is responsible for the artistic mattresses displayed around the isthmus. The Tutto Pasta mural, features the word GROW in big letters followed by CHANGE stamped among flowers and hearts. "We have to change right now,” Lroy said.

5ed6cc8479726.image.jpgPainting of " Miss Forward" on Capitol SquarePainting of " Miss Forward" on Capitol Square

Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Happy Flag Day,

Still not getting AARP notifications so am constantly behind on reading all your posts.

We are having a second day of unbelievably gorgeous weather. It was in the 50's when I woke up this AM under my thermal blanket and my comforter, with the windows open a bit overnight. Wish we could clone these days! Sunny and cloudless skies with the temp 75 now at going on 4 PM.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I actually got to see my friend who invites me for holiday meals with her family. She and her husband are leaving for their place in Myrtle Beach, so she won't be around for my birthday later this month. She brought me a hanging basket and some Gerber daisies. It was so nice to sit and chat for a while in person. (we both wore our masks)


Just chill-axin'Just chill-axin'


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Where is everyone?

Still no notifications, so I try to check in here once a day.

Hope everyone is doing well and is doing something exciting.

I was able to make an appointment for my eye exam in July, and the driver centers have reopened, so I'm going to try to go get my driver's license this week. They have special hours for seniors, and this time I will take advantage of that. I have paid by mail and have my camera card, so I'm ready to go, maybe Thursday. Wondering if I can get my REAL ID at that time.

We have been blessed with amazing weather, but I think it comes to an end soon. I'm enjoying the sun and the low humidity and moderate temps.

Take care, all, and stay safe.


excuse me is that coffee.jpg


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My only excitement is waiting for Permethrine to dry on my hiking boots, it’s tick and mosquito season in Maine.


Took my first extended hike of season 4 hours when it used to be 2 .


Had a thought on why most are having AARP emails hit the spam folder but, need a laptop to  check.


Should work on Windows 7,8,8.1 and 10🤣, and all versions of iOS, Android and Mac’s.


Will be trying when next on computer tonight maybe. Haven’t had to touch setting in 17 years here.


Need to read header for my email app, and mark AARP as safe sender in my email folder, can’t do on iPhone, need computer.


You or anyone should be able to do the same with google search too many apps, operating systems, etc.


And I’m not allowed to type for moment, only dictate to phone or computer. PITA 





And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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GOOD MORNING   5.jpgGood Morning Ladies,  from the very HOT State of Pa. 

Live For Today, No One is Guaranteed a TOMORROW !
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Happy Friday, Peeps!

@MsStretch ...Oh, no! Has Stellar returned?


Without the AARP notifications, I'm having to catch up and am missing a lot. I just checked in and had to read 2 pages worth of everyone's posts.


@LaDolceVita ...We had two miserable hot, humid days here, but are back to a lovely day today with the windows open! YAY!

I hope you all enjoy the weekend and can do something fun within the  COVID limits most of us still have.

Look out, summer; here I come!Look out, summer; here I come!


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Hello Front Porch


Two days of rain and flash flooding from Hurricane Cristobal.  Everyone Good Morning and stay dry and safe😉


Have a Blessed & Safe Daty


Screenshot_2020-06-09 good morning pics - Google Search.png

Trusted Contributor

We just had Cristobol come through Illinois with some really hard wind & rain.  Thank heaven that my power stayed on.  Because our power lines in my neighborhood are above ground we often have the power go out or Direct TV has a problem connecting with the satellite.  It has been hot here in my town - in the 90s.  I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow for which I also have to sit in my car until they text me it's to come into the clinic.  My dentist office, however, hasn't been opened yet.  I got a haircut & a pedicure last week which made me feel a whole lot better.  Restrictions were in place in both places.  We are in stage 3 here in Illinois.  Sounds like everyone is well here.  Stay safe.😎

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@wvgirlforever ...I'm so jealous you were able to get a haircut! ✂️ 😩

I'm going to work on that and put a call into my hairdresser! She works from home, so maybe....!

I feel like the 1960's called and asked for their hair back. Yikes!

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Hi folks.   I am not enjoying the weather today, humid as all get out.   I have ventured out this week for (gasp, do not throw stones) recreational shopping.  Masks required, they seemed careful about the 6 ft rule.  Drove past  another store I used to frequent and there was a line outside.  Ga doing surprisingly well for being one of the first to  (sort of) open.   Library still by appointment to pick up books ordered online.

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Good-Morning-GIF-Images (16).gif

Good morning, Peeplers! Not much to say today. Just checking in.  


Be well and be good to you.


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Hi, Peeps!

@LydiaN586309 ...Same here...not much going on. Stormy here.


One day of AARP notices, and now crickets. Now sure why there isn't consistency with the notifications. Oh, well, I'll check when I remember, but do like to be notified of new posts!

Stay safe, all!


Take time to stop and smell the flowers!Take time to stop and smell the flowers!


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Update Windows in theory, subject to change, won’t know until tomorrow maybe.


Java got an update and honestly think that’s the rub. Only notices from AARP seem screwed up, going to spam or junk folders. Mark as non-spam in email program. And update windows programs, in 10 that’s start>Settings(cog icon)>Update & Security>Check for update> and have a stiff drink it may take awhile.😷




Nancy is around she kudo Ed a sign of life, and then I dislocated my shoulder (not as a result) and not in a bad way.


Popped it originally 3 months after surgery for torn rotator cuff, when I had to prevent Ex from being splattered by woodstove weighing more than 60 lbs. Round oak stoves will remain a dirty word in my vocabulary for years.


Back to the story, I ripped it again my shoulder but, it popped back in socket (yeah) no surgery required (maybe) PT exercises working again.


So Nancy lives, when my language ceases to be colorful soon 🤞 I Hope will call her, in case she lurking😆, I’m not allowed to use either fondle slab (iphone) or computer for a week, unless dictating to text. It’s a cheat🤣.


Never thought pairing Air Pods could hurt. It does. I’ll be back when I’m back.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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@Frozenoem,  Windows just updated.  Yesterday?  Wednesday?  Yep, yesterday.  (Had to check calendar for what day it is.  That ol' daysrunningtogether thingie, again.)  Use an live/outlook/msn/whatever-they-call-it-now addy and use Thunderbird client, because easier to check multiple accounts in one place with one sign-in.  Marked 'Not Junk' over and over, AARP in address book(s).  For now, not going to obsess over this too long, will just continue to check Junk.

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Hi folks,  only one miserable day here, temps and humidity returned to being kind to us again.  Enjoying morning and evening walks again.  All is quiet here except at night, when they work on repaving the road.    Our house is a bit of a distance from the road but I can imagine the folks in houses right on the road!


@MsStretch   Has the cat returned?  


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@Frozenoem ~

Thanks for the update on @n566192l (Nancy).  And I hope your injured shoulder isn't causing you too much grief and heals in short order.  Feel better.


@catwoman500 ~

Love your cat pic with the flowers.


When I left for work late this afternoon, I found downed branches all throughout the neighborhood and according the fellow on the radio, over 100,000 people were without power.  Seems we had a mighty wind storm or somethin' last night. But I didn't hear or feel anything cuz I was too tired and too unconscious. But then again, friends of mine still laugh about the fact that I slept through an earthquake when I visited in California some thirty/forty years ago.  So I guess this storm was nothin' by comparsion.


Hope everybody's safe and doing okay.  And despite businesses opening up everywhere, I'm still wearing my face mask, gloves, and practicing social distancing when I go out.  Better safe than sorry.


P.S. ~ That's not me.  But I thought she was creative in her choice of mask.


Esteemed Social Butterfly




Worst I’ve slept through was pipe bomb exploding 8’ away from my head. It was firefighters pounding that woke me up. I think that makes me a very sound sleeper😷.


I’m totally pain free, leave it that way, just not a fan of dictating messages.


After you update all flavors of Windows, update edge, then all other browsers like - chrome, brave, safari, Firefox, opera, Thunderbird, etc.


And whichever password manager, you use. Same with antivirus programs, etc.


You’ll be preventing several issues, we hope.




And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Good Evening, Peepers!

This is...


I am so glad to have the next couple of days to enjoy being at home with nothing that I have to do but "be."  As a matter of fact, I just rolled out of bed just now for the second time today. Yep, I just about slept this whole day away.  I had a very early breakfast and then slithered back undercover. But I'm not complaining about it 'cause sleep was what was needed.  Seems like these 48-60 hour work weeks are taking a toll--making my quiet "feeblings" about retirement more frequent and more intense.  And although I have kind settled on an end date, I'm beginning to think that that date might have to be moved up (sooner).  For now, I'm just hanging in there.


Anyway, this week the local zoo finally re-opened. zoo.jpgI used to l-o-v-e going to the zoo; so much so that I even took a membership several years ago and have maintained it even until now.  But I am still apprehensive about going out and being in crowds especially since the uptick on COVID-19 infections.  After all of the wind and rain over the last couple of days, the temps are supposedly going to be lower.  Good weather for zoo walking, but not now.  Maybe we will go later in the summer or early fall.  Will have to wait and see.


Hopefully, one day this weekend maybe I'll get out to the garage with my ice water and face mask and resume working on the clean-out. Later. Way later!


Our local library has not yet opened.  But Barnes and Noble has officially opened it's doors.  Browsing the shelves used to be another fav activity for me as I am an avid reader.  But that, too, can wait for now.


Early in the week, I went to TFC and purchased three 35 lb. bags of bird feed.  And it seems the birds really like the new mix as I have had to refill the feeders twice this week already. The mourning doves and blue jays have been at the feeders since early this morning. However, the feeders are now, for the most part, empty.  So the birds are having to do face-to-face scrounging on the ground with my resident squirrel for the remnant.  On my list of things to do?  Fill the feeders!


That's about it for me for now.  And to everybody on Our Front Porch....













Honored Social Butterfly

@catwoman500, me too.  All notices are going into Junk folder.


One of the cats is missing -- going on 4th day.  Not unheard of for feral cats to wander, but unusual for Stellar to be gone this long. None of them wander far from home base.  Posted on the Nextdoor app asking peeps to check sheds and garages for Maine Coonish-looking cat with clipped left ear. 🤞🙏 

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