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I have decided to move to September from here as our posts were down due to Summer. Hoping you are all well!




Good Morning to the Front Porch and Welcome to JULY 2020 Goodbye JUNE 2020.

Hoping everyone has a great First Day OF JULY 2020.




Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Good morning to Everyone On the Front Porch 😁 !!!! Welcome to August 🙂. For those in the path of the hurricane please be safe and heed the warnings. May you all have a Wonderful Blessed Saturday !!!!!!

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It’s not a mansion , just an oddly built old post and beam house 1880-ish, with a ballon framed first floor 1920?


Good farming year, brought electricity and indoor plumbing with the first floor addition, and a root cellar for heating.


We bought it for porch, closets, and bathroom being in the house, versus tacked on.🤣 or afterthought. And a big kitchen with dishwasher and w/d hookup.


Was going to say the barn attached but, sills were rotted so, that became a new 2 1/2 car attached garage, we get SNOW🤣.


Frankly if I had my druthers it would be 1000 ft. Square apartment, all on one floor. Less crap. Problem with tiny homes are their price is $80K, self built is $50K ,Know people who have done it, land is extra.😇


Time to play, rains coming.





And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Good morning, Everybody!

@wvgirlforever, you have some fine looking grandsons.  How lucky and blessed you are! 


@DaveMcK, congrats on your move. Your new digs look really nice.  One thing I noticed is that the laundry area is on the same floor as your living space.  I've been thinking about bringing my washer and dryer upstairs from the basement, but I have no idea where I would put them.  My hips, knees, and stairs are not getting along.  Smile.


@Frozenoem, I sometimes think my three bedroom ranch is a lotta space to contend with what with the yardwork and repairs.  But five bedrooms sounds like a mini-mansion by comparison.  But there'll be no tiny house for me. 


Well, my birds are calling me.  All of the feeders are empty save for the giant worm cake on the patio.  I have two blue jays, a cardinal, a few starlings, and one pesky squirrel taking turns pecking and clawing at that one feeding station.  So after breakfast and coffee, I'm gonna head outside.  Got one birdbath and seven bird feeding stations to fill.


Temp is comfortable 79 degrees right now. It's been threatening rain off and on this morning.  But not a drop yet. Anyway, yesterday's torrential downpour was more than enough. 


P. S. ~ @DaveMcK, we know you've got a lot to do with the move and getting set-up and all.  So just know although you will be missed, we will hold down the Our Front Porch 'til you get back!




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Where is that tiny house located? Wonder what it looks like inside. Sure would be a lot less area to clean. 🙂
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Hi there, Peeps!

Another day in the 90's for us. Rain is due tonight maybe.

@LydiaN586309 ...Oh, yes, same here with the washer and dryer. Stepson the contractor is "supposedly" drawing up plans for some kind of addition to the house because like you, I have no room to put the washer and dryer on the first floor. Those basement steps are killers for me. Of course he was here in April to see what could be done and the only thing I've heard since then is, "Sorry, you must be running out of patience."

All I ask is just send me a crumb or something...a sketch, an idea, a ballpark figure, SOMETHING! Acck!

No tiny house for me although I do think they are so darn cute, and what they can do with the insides is amazing. Right now I could fill one of them with my doll collection alone! LOL.


Trying not to get frustrated while waiting for some/any news about the renovation, so I think instead of more coffee, I'll have some lemonade!

You all stay well!


Anyone for lemonade?Anyone for lemonade?



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@LydiaN586309  my washer/dryer is in the basement as well.  I, however, have rented for the past 26 years so won't be moving anything.  I take it very carefully when I am going up and down the stairs.  I'm afraid of falling more than anything.  Luckily, I don't have to do too many loads of wash each week.  More bath towels and bed sheets,  Maybe we should just have someone else do the laundry. 



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@DaveMcK   I hope you will enjoy living at the new place!   Will take getting used to I guess.  @Frozenoem   5 bedrooms, 3 floors, yikes.   I am tired all the time , especially now that it is hot partially due to the size of the house.   The bedrooms are all upstairs and I have to transport  food and beverages to mom & companion. I actually use the lift chair  because if I do not I get way too tired by midday! 


The weather is miserable, not all that hot, high 80s  but no rain, just little spurts of water from the sky and HUMID.   31 more days to go.  

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Good Morning, Porch Peeps! HAPPY AUGUST!


Hoping no one gets hit by this new hurricane with the strange name!

Finally was able to have windows open last night...great sleeping with "real" air. They are still open, but I have a feeling I'll need the AC before long. At least we are getting a relief from those 90's. I just really enjoy having my coffee on the porch in the morning without melting.


Not much news from this end of the block.

@DaveMcK ...good luck in your new home.

@LaDolceVita ...Always love your countdowns to fall. 😸


Everyone stay safe and stay well!




Start the day with a smile!Start the day with a smile!


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@DaveMcK looks like a nice building.  I have been looking at senior apartment buildings but because I still work and also draw social security I have too much income.  Is this a place you're buying as opposed to renting?  It has been tough trying to figure everything out at this later stage of life.  What state is this where the building is located?



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Good day everyone We moved into a retirement on Monday and will not be posting very much for a couple weeks! Unit before remodelin.

Stay well and staying safe 



412SR Kitchen.jpg412SR Living Room (1).jpg

Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Looks good, actually have been dreaming of downsizing to condo or retirement home.


Gets old mowing, snowblowing, hauling firewood (can’t forget cutting, splitting, stacking and restacking).


Almost at stage of wanting a constant temperature at the flip of a switch.


3 Floors and 5 bedrooms for one person Is a little much. Have tossed and sold 1000 ft, sq of crap, only 3000 ft. Sq left to go.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Good morning to all On the Front Porch. May you all have a Wonderful Beautiful Happy Blessed Tuesday 🌞🙂👋

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photo-1533907650686-70576141c030.jpegphoto-1508713225396-af921fdefb38.jpeggood-night-images-for-friends-01.jpgGood evening to everyone on the Front Porch on this Sunday July 26th, 2020. 

There is a wall of water running of our roof. The heavy rains willing continue into the early morning. Climate change is giving us a full plate this Weekend. Hurricanes to draught to  tornado's cutting a bath across the land. I fear we will see an increase in weather events in the years to come.



Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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@wvgirlforever Happy belated Birthday 🎂

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Good morning everyone 😁 I am now a year older as of yesterday.  It was a wonderful day even though we're going through such crazy times.  My son and his family took me to lunch and spent some time with me.  That's more valuable to me than anything.  Hope all of you are staying well and, if it's hot where you are, stay cool.  Have a wonderful week. 


55 years ago not knowing what the future would hold.😎1965.jpg

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@wvgirlforever   Love  your picture!   Here is my id in 1978.  I think I forgot to comb my hair.






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Happy Monday, Porch Peeps,

@LaDolceVita ...You and "WVgirl" (for some reason her ID didn't come up when I typed the @ key) are both brave to post your photos. Even if I could find one I'm not that brave. LOL! 😸

@Frozenoem ... I'm taking your "stock up" advice...After the post office I stopped for wine. 👍


Still hot here. Can't believe how long my AC has been on without a break. Going to hate to see the next electric bill. 🙀

You all take care.

Apparently not anymore. Ahh, nostalgia.Apparently not anymore. Ahh, nostalgia.


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Happy Tuesday morning to everyone.  Thanks to all of you for the birthday wishes.  I got to spend some time with my son and his family.  That made the day a whole lot better.  I didn't even see there was any type of response from all of you with the wishes until this morning when I signed in.  For some reason, I don't seem to be getting the notices when I am mentioned (if that's supposed to happen).  It has been so horribly hot the past couple of days and this morning it has dropped around 10+ degrees and no humidity.  YAY!!!!!  I was supposed to be retiring this coming Friday but with the virus going on it seemed smarter to keep getting a paycheck if I still have to stay home and sit on my couch working from home.  Who thought we would see anything like this in our lifetime?  Have a wonderful day!!


4 grandsons that make my day every day



4 grandsons.jpg

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Monday eve.


We survived the hike in and back left at 5 am -66*, arrived at 97*, returned at 87* and gully washer of thunderstorms and rain.


Think Chou/Joe’s kids understand why he wanted to come here for final rest.


Promise kept👍😷






And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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@Frozenoem , glad to hear Joe finally made it to his forever destination and his family and friends were there to encourage and see him on his way.

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Good afternoon all😎, 84 but, it’s good.




Now, I can stop fretting but, don’t expect 20 mile hikes for awhile. I pray🙏.


Will be soaking and have retired my Kelty (Backpack) for abit. Time to find muscle relaxers - and definitely dry out (water) bladders, I was tired by return and ignored them.



Have a question I never thought I ask anyone, what color are your walls😀? Have a large black wood stove in the middle of my living room, and tired of looking at 1960 fern wallpaper.

The wall color makes the black mantle and tv fade out.






And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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@Frozenoem they're just beige (in my son's house with the picture of the boys).  In my own living room, I have a very light gray that actually looks good with everything.  Kind of a calming color as well. 😎

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TO: Our @wvgirlforever 



Glad to her you had such an enjoyable big day.  Happy Birthday to you and may you have many more!



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Afternoon, I seem to have hibernated 97*, when the room starts spinning time to nap.



Happy 🎁 Birthday hope you enjoyed it.


Hope all are preparing to stock up on vittles like Jed Clampett - I am. With dead hitting 1000 per day and a second shutdown looming, bought little things like food.


Think I’m taking my hike tomorrow, shouldn’t be more than 97*, no other alternative.

Quick in and out with backup plan of lodging elsewhere for WA state contingent.


Presently sterilizing my Camelback and bladders for water storage.Joe enjoyed hydration so, he won’t mind sharing my backpack with them.


I’m outta here at crack of dawn.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Happy Sunday, Everyone on the porch!

@wvgirlforever ...Happy Belated Birthday!


It's 90 right now, feeling like 97. I went out to the porch to bring in a couple of water bottles for the water cooler, and the air is thick!

Even in the Acme this AM, although it was cool, you could feel the humidity. The employees were a bit sweaty even in the AC.

The Acme was frustrating this AM as they are enlarging and remodeling. There were so many things I couldn't find. One of the employees grabbed me an aisle map and that certainly helped, but next week I'll need another one since they'll be working and moving stuff all week. 🙀

My Ebay sales slump ended today with a sale, and the same person bid on 2 more for next week. 😸

So off to the post office I'll go tomorrow. 

Earlier this past week, when I was on the porch with my morning coffee, I kept smelling bacon. I thought...who has the nerve to cook bacon on a weekday?! LOL

So, since that was in my head, I decided to declare today a "cheat day," and I cooked myself some bacon this morning. So good! But still hard to eat on one side of my mouth. 

Still nothing earth shattering going on here...I guess that's good, but then there's nothing even slightly interesting going on either.


I sure hope they don't decide to do another SHUTDOWN! That would just about kill everyone's spirit!

Hoping everyone is enjoying some coolness any way you can get it.

Stay safe!


Pool party!Pool party!


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@LydiaN586309 thank you and to Everyone else here On the Front Porch may you all have a Wonderful Blessed weekend. For those in the path of the hurricane please be safe, heed all warnings and may God keep you safe. 🙂😁🌹🌹🌹🍵

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Greetings Peeps!

Keeping it short and simple today.  It's cool this morning and overcast.  Taking it slow.  Wishing y'all the best today and in the week to come.


Take care.  Be good and be good to good ol' irreplaceable YOU!


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Good morning to everyone on the Front Porch on this very sunny morning on July 25th, 2020! We are looking at a high of 80*, sunny skies, with no showers for a while this weekend. In order to join us on the Porch I am strongly suggesting that everyone wear a mask when you leave the confines of your home.

Reese Witherspoon is joining a growing list of Hollywood stars — including Tom Hanks and Jennifer Aniston — who are urging fans to wear face masks to protect themselves and others from COVID-19.

Health officials agree that wearing a face mask can help slow the spread of the coronavirus.Still, even as cases are spiking across the U.S., a tense debate has developed between those who are willing to wear masks and those who are not

Kudo if you agree!!!!






Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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