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I have decided to move to September from here as our posts were down due to Summer. Hoping you are all well!




Good Morning to the Front Porch and Welcome to JULY 2020 Goodbye JUNE 2020.

Hoping everyone has a great First Day OF JULY 2020.




Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Good morning to everyone on the Front Porch on this Thursday morning in 2020. We are expecting temps in the mid 1950's  with a chance of rain showers!



Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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78* and happy Joe day/ night. Perpetual coffee drinker since 68 perhaps and IBEW, years are blending together.🤣


Feel a need for Kona at the moment.


Re: Vehicles only 2 lasted more than 350K and one gasser for 250K, for longevity and no fear from dings might I suggest UniMog or Mitsubishi Fuso both are bulletproof short wheelbase models.


Taller than the average shopping cart, Honda or Gwaggen. And will drive over most anything in the way, including trees, boulders.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Mornin’, All

Anyone watch the debacle…I mean debate last night? Can you say “train wreck?”


Was thinking of you, @LydiaN586309  when I woke in the middle of the night to heavy rain. I couldn’t get back to sleep until I heard the sweet sound of “HUMMMM….Purge” from the sump pump. Then I slept like a baby until about 8;00 when I woke to bright sun and a chilly breeze.

I may just go out and treat myself to my first Starbucks hot pumpkin drink of the season.

Hang in there, everyone!



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62* and sunny morning, now!




Ayuh, watched and muted frequently. Someone could use lessons in debate vs screaming match, t seemed unable to answer questions or stay on topic.


Happy moment in town was neighbor pulling his support for all R’s shortly after t was corrected by Wallace on Obama’s healthcare and economy, from his lawn and storefront. 

I’ll at least record the next 3 debates, but, my mind was made up awhile back.Oct 7 VP’s, 15&22 Biden vs 💩.


As for who won, reports favor Biden by 70% vs the 💩 show.🤣




How did your basement do, if you got rain last night?



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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@catwoman500,  I loved the doggy drinking Starbucks coffee!  That just proves how smart animals can be and what good taste they have.  And thanks to both you and @Frozenoem for thinking about me and my basement during last night's rain.  It did, in fact, rain here, but my sump was a pumpin' and my basement stayed thankfully dry.


And @Frozenoem, I didn't get to see the debate last night either.  But I hear it was a hoot.  

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67* cloudy and actually cool, it’s fall y’all the colors are starting to appear on the trees.

Have a warm up coming later this weekend but, my back is saying different.

Dave I really hear you on the joy of snow removal, it surely gets old after the first 30-40 years, in snow country. About the same level of joy as 7 cords of firewood to 3 cords of cutting, splitting, stacking, drying, moving and removing to house.

Last year was a total PITA, broke my lower lumbar and balance was a bugger. Might be better this year, I’m hoping the snowblower is happy and ready to go👍, my back works👍 And balance is kinda returning if I just get used to these pills.

My roof ended up in MD, and I got a refund + for aggravation. Maybe next year, just don’t know.

Need coffee and food, these pills are messing with me.🤮

And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Fall, fall, Autumn!  Loving it!!!


Good morning, Peepers!

It is a beautiful morning here in Michigan.  The sun is up and the sky is a lovely pale blue.  We have a wonderful temperature of 74 degrees. The birds are clamoring out back.  I assume they are in the midst of making plans for the winter while enjoying brunch.


Today, I have great intentions of tackling the continuing garage clean-out saga. I have made some good progress on my most recent efforts.  And I already have in mind the designated area I want to get done today.  So as my long gone mother used to say, "Little by little!" 


I've already had my breakfast with coffee and all.  I've showered and donned my work clothes.  I've lazed on the couch, simultaneously watching the birds outside and several episodes of my favorite HGTV TV shows--"Love It of List It."  It's now after Noon and not wanting the day to get away from me, I'm gonna get up and get outta here.  The garage is calling me.


Y'all enjoy your day and the remainder of the weekend. Wishing each one here a whole heap of...

OIP (18).jpg



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Happy Sunday, All

@LydiaN586309 …Yes! I have a ton of Goldfinches eating the seeds of my coneflowers. They are such chatty little birds, I can always tell when they come for a snack.

Yesterday there was a bird calling so close to the house, but I didn’t recognize the call. Went to look out the front door and it was what looked like a sparrow, but a tad different than a regular house sparrow, sitting on the evergreen bush outside the front window. The cry almost sounded like it was alarmed. No other birds in sight. Reminded me of the time I heard a similar loud call and looked out back to see a row of sparrows at the edge of the pool…one had fallen in! I had to rescue it.

Friday I drove up to my friend’s house for lunch and to play with her puppy. I’m not used to driving that far so I slept super well that night.

Today started off a bit damp, but now the sun is straining to make an appearance. Temps are comfy with a hint of humidity. 79, feeling like 81. Two more summer-like days in the forecast and then it changes on Wednesday.

Y’all take good care of yourselves!


cat intravenous coffee.jpg


So true!So true!


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Sunday 74* and cloudy, come on rain, drought less than wonderful.


If not for iPhone wouldn’t have a clue what day of the week it is. Apparently I volunteered to work earlier, 3 am what the heck.


Thought I was going to find sleigh runners today, don’t think that will happen🤣.Garage was formerly a barn before sills fell in.


Guess it’s coffee instead, think my sleeping habits will be off for awhile.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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71* and a groggy Monday morning to all, had to work last night and still upright, forgot to silence my ringer.


Won’t happen again I hope, it rained for an hour during the hour I slept.


Need caffeine to breathe this AM. 




And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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The big news is that my car was returned to me on Saturday.  Hopefully it can run another few years.  Not only do I fear the high insurance costs and the price of a new car, I fear driving one.  The dings from the shopping cart.  I do dumb stuff sometimes and get dings. 


No more heat & humidity for a while, heading into October the beautiful.  All is well my people and critter family.


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lke gif.gif

Morning, Peeps!

Isn't fall just beautiful?  Quiet. Relaxing. Cool Days. Nature's slowing down--falling asleep...little by little.  I'm enjoying this season more than ever probably because of the harshness of this past spring and summer what with so much inclement weather and having to deal with the pandemic and all. But now, I am finding myself slowing down and feeling more at peace.  It's a sunny yet cool 53 degrees right now.  We're only expecting a high of 63 which is fine with me. Variety of colors lovely!


@LaDolceVita, I'm glad you got your car back and hope you can eek out many more miles out of it.  I, too, have an older car.  Mine has over 200,000 miles on it now.  But it is paid off.  So I do my best to keep up with timely oil changes and regular maintenance.  With retirement looming, I really don't want to take on any new big debt if I can help it. 


@catwoman500,  you to seem to enjoy our fine feathered friends.  Sometimes their chatter sounds like an unruly rock concert with everyone chirping and cawing--striving to be heard over each other.  But I love tending to them, the company of them, and am so excited when a new sighting sends me to the computer in search of it's identity.  I had such  sighting just yesterday, but after searching my computer, I have yet to be sure just what kind of bird it was.  But it was lovely still.


Well, it's time for a hot cup of creamy, sugary coffee, a load or two of laundry, and then my afternoon nap.  Ahhhhh, the rhythm of life!!!!


Take care Peepers and BE GOOD TO YOU!


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Morning, Porch Peeps.

Happy National Coffee Day! Have a cuppa Joe!

happy national coffee day.png



I bought this shirt last year so I’d be ready to celebrate “National Coffee Day 2020.”


Enjoy a cuppa Joe today!Enjoy a cuppa Joe today!



Heater maintenance guys coming today. Hope I don’t have to use it for a while.


Hope everyone is doing well!

@LaDolceVita ... Yay for you getting your car back!


Time for more Joe!



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Thanks for reminding us @catwoman500!


Here are some great coffee deals for coffee's special day:


Krispy Kreme: Free coffee and donut from Krispy Kreme on National Coffee Day for Krispy Kreme Rewards members – no purchase necessary. Guests who are not yet members can sign up through the Krispy Kreme app or on the Krispy Kreme site and get a free donut as a reward. All guests, rewards member or not, can enjoy free brewed coffee at Krispy Kreme on Sept. 29 at participating locations. No purchase necessary.


Pilot Flying J: Looking for a FREE cup of the “best coffee on the interstate?” On Sept. 29, in honor of National Coffee Day, grab a cup of any hot or cold Pilot coffee (any size!) for free, including the limited time Nicaraguan or Vanilla Cold Brew. Satisfy those pumpkin cravings by adding a little pumpkin pie creamer to your cup ’o joe. Find over 620 Pilot Flying J travel centers and convenience stores across the country.


Dunkin’: For one day only, on National Coffee Day, Dunkin’ will be offering a FREE medium hot or iced coffee with any purchase. 


Tim Hortons: From Sept. 28 through Oct. 26, Tim Hortons’ U.S. guests can purchase any size hot or iced coffee for $0.99 through the Tim Hortons app or at Modifications would be at an extra charge.


Walmart: Offering a variety of deals in honor of National Coffee Day, Sept. 29, Walmart is going strong with sales on Keurig Coffee Systems, Starbucks Coffee Pods, McCafe Coffee Pods, the Takeya 2-quart Cold Brew Coffee Maker, Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer, and more.


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Good morning to everyone on the Front Porch on this Monday morning in 2020. We are expecting temps in the lower 70's with a small chance of rain!.

Hoping everyone will  have a restful day and weekend.

Because of back issues I was not able to do very little around the house an yard. I found myself highering many things done from snow removal, yard work to plumbing, installing a couple of ceiling fans. I was lucky to have our 3 daughter's and son-in-laws to help with planting 200 flowering bulbs a couple of years ago

Our biggest news is we close on the sale of the house on Wednesday and deposited a nice check in the bank. 

I'm watching the ceremony for Justice Gindsburg at the National Capital and waiting for a housekeeper to clean our unit which is included in our monthly fee. This is one of the things Mary never had at the house.

We will be in the upper 70's with a chance of rain Sunday. 






Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Congrats, Dave, on the sale of your house!  And...



...may you and the Missus have many enjoyable years in your new abode.


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Afternoon all 61*, last night started my first wood fire, temptation hit @31*. Trying to resist the urge to use oil.


1/2 an hour later the entire house was warm, think all of that insulation has helped.


Time to make some kindling and prepare for later in week, when temp’s heat up again.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Got my flu shot yesterday at a nearby CVS.  I set up my appointment online and they had a checklist of vaccines to choose from saying you could pick up to four shots.  So I scrolled through it and decided to throw in a shingles vaccine.  Kept scrolling before I said to myself, "What AM I doing?  I must think this is some candy list or something and I can pick up to 4 of my faves". 🙄  Kept the shingles, but 2 is enough.


Yesterday the temps dropped to low 60s - high 50s when sun went down, and I got chilled.  Running with the furkids helped a little, but I was cold and I was throwing on layers.  Thought about turning on heat, but it was 71° inside and I couldn't justify it.  Anyway, I could not warm up (goose bumps, shivering) and cranked my mattress pad up to high and had 2 blankets and a snuggie on top of that.   


I kept telling myself I can't be getting sick after I had 2 shots.  Reaction?  Never had a reaction before and no allergies.  Getting older? (Sorry, @Frozenoem .)  We went from very warm days to chilly days overnight and I just think I haven't had time to properly "acclimate" yet.


Feeling better today, but got my long pants, long sleeves, and jacket on.  (Almost pulled out the Cuddl-duds, too. 😁)

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@MsStretch   The first shingles shot  gave me the chills and had my teeth chattering.    Took about 16 hours to feel better.  The second one  made me feel bad, no chills though.   @DaveMcK  Good stuff about  the equinox. 



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Happy Fall, All!

Peanuts fall.gif


It’s been pretty darn chilly these past few mornings. I’ve come close to turning on the heat, but usually wait for the yearly maintenance check which is scheduled for next week. Lots of shivering going on here. LOL Feels like temps were in the high 30’s Saturday AM!


Is anyone else having to log in to AARP each time recently? This is annoying.


@Frozenoem ... Got an email yesterday that my ballot was being prepared and will be here soon. YAY!

@MsStretch ,  @LaDolceVita …got my first shingles shot earlier this summer and am able to get the next one after 9/29. Asked if I needed and appointment for that second one, and the pharmacist said, “No, the second one is now in our refrigerator with your name on it.” I feel so special. LOL. I also need my flu shot which I will get at the doc next month, and need one of those 3-in-1 boosters for tetanus, diphtheria, and whooping cough, but the pharmacist said it was not a good idea to get another shot with the shingles shot. I wasn’t sick, but that night, my arm got red and sore. It lasted a week…just sayin’.

Hairdresser again tomorrow. Wahoo!

You all enjoy the first day of Fall!


cat in basket of leaves.gif



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