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Good morning to everyone on this first morning of May 2023.
Happy Birthday to all of our May Birthday members.




Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Just scanned msgs, a Mainah by birth or other lands? That last bit was cleansed - for me higher elevation than now and from the state we love to hate🤣 but, in a larger town from whence I lived.


Just lived 40+ years Maine Western mountains, Lakes (Richardson & Mooselookmeguntic) and coast in Milbridge.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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Nice to meet another Mainhah! I was born in Bangor and aside from some military service I never strayed far. Lived in Winslow for a number of years but eventually landed back within 20 miles of my hometown. Great to "meet you".😎

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@DaveMcK , good for you for sleeping in.  Nothing wrong with that. 😉 I'm a master at that art. 😁


@catwoman500 , glad your holidays worked out merry and happy for everyone.  I, too, hate driving at night.  I hate driving...period!  It's just not fun anymore, constantly on high alert for everyone around you. 😬


Greeted the new year with a First Day Hike at Mason Neck SP here in VA.  (Not like I missed a great Sunday football game or anything. 🙄)  Foggy morning (makes for an ethereal and eerie hike), but it quickly burned off.  Temps climbed (probably the warmest 1st Day Hike I've done in a looooong time) and more peeps came out, but, of course, you can usually find a trail less traveled.  Met a couple with a little boy and girl and they said it was their kids' very first hike ever.  Kids had their little backpacks and looked like they were having a ball discovering Mother Nature.  One of the happiest things I saw. 😄


@Spring2023 , you asked me about my username last year.  When I was younger, I was 6' tall and it was a nickname that stuck.  (Of course, shrinkage has occurred over the years and I'd really have to s-t-r-e-t-c-h to reach that height now.)  But 'Stretch' is usually a masculine nickname, hence the Ms.  Old friends still call me Stretch.


Hoping to see the rest of the gang soon.  Hope everything is OK, @Frozenoem , been while since we heard from you.

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@MsStretch   Never occurred to me that your name had special significance.  Mine should be non la dolce vita, as really not many seniors have a very sweet life!  There are sweet spots though, especially outdoors on a nice day!  I watch the sunrise and sunset every day. 

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I live, been busy making new noises when sitting, staring just generally moving. Still 6’3” for shrinkage height, only lost inch in height.


Have been busy discovering modern medicine and side effects of the same. 


After taking to friend from old SBA bbs on New Years he told I became Frozenoem back in the

’80’s. Reason being dabbling in original equipment manufacturing (computers,etc) and living in the tundra (western Maine & Western MA) ski slope land.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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1 comment (1/2/23) Lol @Frozenoem 😂🤣 and so GLAD you checked in!!! ALL we need now are @LaDolceVita and @LeeS4949 🤔 Nicole 🤎🤗

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Lee checking in lol

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@MsStretch ...ditto on the "great" football game Sunday. 😾 Pathetic for the 🦅's I swear we never should have played on Christmas Eve. 🤠's owned that one and then we never got good juju back.

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Yes I am a little early but I wanted to sleep in tomorrow morning so I've posted now.


Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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Hey there, Porch Peeps,

Happy 2023 to All!

Yesterday was Christmas and New Year's rolled into one as I finally was able to get to my friends' house for our celebration. It was such a nice warm and sunny day.

They got the last of their water back on Friday, and repairs to the roof should begin today.

We had a delicious pork and sauerkraut dinner (with a care package for me to bring home, YAY!) Gifts were given and appreciated. 😸


New Year's Eve was rainy and ugly. I'm deciding I hate driving at night anymore but was able to get my friend and I to our other friend's house to play games and have some munchies. I didn't get home until 1:30 AM...very late for me, so glad I didn't have to leave for the Christmas/New year's celebration until later on Sunday.


Hoping we all have a great start to this new year!




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