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I'm appalled at United Health Care for wanting to charge people for their Emergency Room visits if they deemed it isn't necessary.  Luckily I never bought into UHC for my insurance.  This is backed by AARP I believe & I will not renew my membership with aarp if they continue to support & recommend United Health Care to seniors.

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@guido95 don't get your knickers in a bunch. UHC has backed off.

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@somarco  - your NYT article says . . . . 

"In the face of growing opposition from hospital and doctors groups, UnitedHealthcare said on Thursday it would delay a plan to stop paying for emergency room visits that it deemed nonurgent, at least until the pandemic has ended."


Other insurers seem to be trying to initiate it - when the pandemic eases more, I think they will all begin to scrutinized ER care and diagnosis since there are plenty Urgent Care facilities now available to pick up those things that are definitely not life-threating.  In fact, for many conditions that show up in the ER during regular business hours, a call or visit to one's doctor could even fit the bill.




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@GailL1 the ER was never meant for non-emergency situations. Too many people use the ER for primary care and situations that could be handled in a doctor's office or urgent care centers.


The most expensive place to receive care is a hospital ER.


Using an ER for non-emergency care is not a new phenomena but one that has worsened over time.


Carriers have routinely denied ER claims that were not true emergency's in the past. The shortage of critical care space and personnel probably caused UHC (and perhaps other carriers as well) to publish guidelines for what is, and is not, emergency care.


Consumers of health care that do not agree with the way a carrier manages benefits and claims are free to vote with their feet.

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