UHC Medicare UCard OTC Credits

Has anyone used this to purchase eligible items on or in store at Walmart, CVS etc?


I have $75 to spend on my Ucard which is this years version of 'healthy benefits' which worked great a couple of years ago once they got the wrinkles ironed out. 


I go to and choose some refresh


eye drops (which are also sold through the UHC catalog at a higher price and Nature's Bounty B vitamins both of which are sold and shipped by


Both of these items are eligible items however neither of them triggers the $75 OTC credits either because Walmart doesn't see them as eligible (this is unlikely) or because UHC is not showing them that the card has $75 in OTC credits.


My account shows the $75 in OTC credits but under 'details' and OTC it also shows I have zero available OTC credits because I have already spent $75.  This was on the very first day.  I haven't purchased a thing.


The only thing I haven't tried and maybe I should is to go to Walmart and try and buy in the store because I do not want to be in line and have to end up bringing things back or buying them with my own money.


I sent screenshots of my attempted transactions to UHC showing that I am trying to purchase eligible items yet the $75 in OTC credits are not available.  Their first response was to parrot that the items must be eligible and sold and shipped by - they considered that closing the issue like they were dealing with a dementia patient.


I believe this is just a scam so one has to buy things through their inadequate overpriced in house catalog.


After sending more screen shots they now, rather than look into it further have sent this to grievances and appeals.

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I tried out my UCard at both Walgreens and Walmart. I had $60 on my UCard, $40 in OTC credits and $20 in rewards credits. I went to Walgreens and bought some Nature Made vitamin supplements. These supplements are not in the online UHC catalog. The purchase of the supplements went through without a problem. Next, I went to Walmart. I bought a foot care product that was not in the UHC online OTC catalog. I paid for it at the pharmacy counter. The purchase went through without a problem. My UCard still has the $20 rewards credit on it and only a few dollars left on the OTC credit. 

So far ... it works for me.

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Update to Ucard for In-store Use

As many of you have discovered a significant number of items eligible for purchase with the OTC benefit are being declined at store reegisters.  This includes both items in the Catalog and items indicated as eligible with the scaner in the UHC phone app.


My experience is that only about 20% of the eligible items I attempt to purchase at S3 retail network are being accepted at the reguster.  That seems to correspond to the experience others are having.


If you are also experiencing this issue, please complain and complain often to UHC and to Solutran technical support 833-853-8590.  Use the messaging system found under the Help section of the UHC website.  If a response does not address the problem, click reply, tell them so, and resend your complaint (I used the copy and paste function).


Here's a copy of what I last sent to UHC that supposedly is being kicked up for further investibation:


Your reply did not address the problem. 

The Ucard does not work seemlesly at S3 retail network stores.

About 80% of eligible OTC items are rejected at the register.

Thisa includes items listed in the Firstline catalog as eligible but rejected at network stores.

Please read my original complaint below and address this issue:


UHC App Scans Eligible OTC Items at S3 Network Stores that get declined at register.

About 80% of the eligible OTC items verified by the scanner in the UHC app are being declared ineligible at the cash register.

Even items that are listed in the catalog by Firstline Benefits are being declined for purchase in S3 retail network stores like Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens.

The Ucard has worked for some OTC purchases but as mentioned above most eligible items are being rejected for OTC purchase at the store registers.

When are these discrepancies expected to be resolved?"


I used their scanner on my iPhone & the bananas (it read) are covered. Well, not at checkout. I paid for the groceries (Walmart on Orangeburg, Modesto, Ca) & then went to the car & phoned them. I suggested a bank card with a chip. Their solution, I’ll receive a new card. I repeated, I need a bank card with a chip. 

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Ucard tip for Reward Dollars

The card will first apply OTC dollars to eligible products and then apply Reward dollars to any that the store register declared ineligible.  As many have discovered, the UHC product scanner in their App will show items as eligible only to have them declined at the store.


Reward dollars can be spent on almost anything.  The solution is to spend your reward dollars first on things that you know will not be eligible for OTC dollars.  Then at a latter time or seperate transaction, attempt to buy your OTC items.  If any are rejected, you can then delcine to purchase them and look for substitues that will be covered.


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I suggest all of you avoid the entire ucare system until you watch the series of videos i'm making on this because if you think the system is a mess from what you have, you haven't even scratched the surface of what the problems are with this. I'll be making the video series and posting it on the main page of this specific forum so keep an eye out for them.


I'm still trying to figure out how to use it at is no way to scan your card or where I can just push a button and use card. I have been given gift cards in the past from relatives for xmas and I still have those sitting around. I can't figure this stuff out...Whose losing out? Me! I spent 2 hours online trying to figure out how to use it. My daughter is going to take me to Walmart one of these days soon to use it, although she prefers I do it online...Ugh...Sucks to get old! (and I live alone! so nobody here to show me).


I used my UCard & UHC app today at Walmart in Modesto on Orangeburg & the healthy food I scanned while checking the item on the shelf, it said’. Approved’. At checkout, nothing was paid for by my UCard or iPhone ‘card’. I paid for these healthy items & then called United Healthcare when I got to my card. I suggested a bank card with a chip & the employee will only send me a new card.  I reminded him to tell his higher ups my suggestion.

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Ucard works in person at Walmart, Walgreen etc. in stores.  It doesn't work through online.  Only renew credit can be use through, not OTC credit.   


I was in person at Walmart today & the card wasn’t working. Neither my card nor my iPhone card code.

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You can buy healthy food, whatever with renew credit part of Ucard, not with OTC credit.

UHC website needs to be clear on which part of Ucard apply to what item.



I received an email from them saying they were sending out new cards.  But you could still use the online OTC. Which I have used mine and received my OTC order. But can't use the card over the OTC amount which is only $45.. Lord help us


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You used it through or though the UHC store which has barely any selection?


UHC,  You are absolutely right and expensive too


I plan to continue to purchase my OTC vitamins & supplements at Costco on my own & ‘try’ to have the UCard pay for ‘healthy’ food at either Walmart or Safeway. 

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Yes, more expensive.


In the FAQ for my plan it states twice that I can buy through Walmart online and in another place it states shipping from Walmart is one way product may be received - that means buying from Walmart.


This is like a bait and switch since they touted the Ucard prior to this year as being able to be used but look now we are stuck again with the BS UHC store.


I have to go through my company, (AT&T), I retired from in order to get certain other benefits.  Which kinda makes up for the expenses  we incur in medical bills. I plan to return to "reg" Medicare if I can when those benefits run out. I just hope we'll be able to get the "gap" at that time and at a reasonable price as well.


UHC,  You are absolutely right and expensive too

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I've had same problem.  At Walmart online , my balance show $0  When UHC website indicate I have $80.  I try to use it to see whether it work in person at Walgreen, but clerk told me the Ucard hasn't been working for lots of people.  I've called/msg them and they refer me to Solutan(offshore) but either them able to help me.  They keep telling me I have $80.


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Ucard not Working on for OTC

I may have found the problem.  Worked on this hard for 3 days now. Finally got phone number to Solutran customer support (1-833-853-8590).  Two different Soultran reps have told me my plan does not include because it is sourced through Firstline Benefits.


UHC has sent out information by mail, on the Ucard Hub, and in multiple emails that the card will work on  This issue has now been escaleted to UHC management through two different sources.


Some UHC plans with the Ucard can use it on, but not all.  My plan includes the S3 network for in store use at Walmart and others but not online at Walmart.  Two of my relatives who are on the same plan were having the same problem online.


More confusion stems from the fact that our plan is allowed to use the Rewards dollars (placed on same card with OTC) on with the Ucard.  Some members with rewards have loaded the card on and used it for OTC products only to see the rewards ballance applied since the system will not recognise the OTC benefit dollars.


If your having the same problems, please contact the Solutran customer support number listed above, especially if your OTC benefits are administered by Firstline Benefits.

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I solved the issue late in January.  I moved to BCBS.  They speak English and in my State they have a local presence also.  

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So, do you able to buy OTC products in person at Walmart with the Ucard?

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Yes, I can use my Ucard at brick and mortar stores like Walmart for OTC purchases but my plan does not allow use on  Solutran manages this benefit for UHC and they are attempting to get UHC to stop sending out the misinformation about


The confusion stems from the fact that some UHC plans with the Ucard are allowed to buy OTC at, but not all.

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UHC/Optum OWNS Solutran.  This is a scam so they can say call Solutran, its not our issue.  Call Solutran and they point the finger at UHC/Optum - its the same company.


Before leaving for BCBS, I tried the card at CVS and Walgreens and many obviously eligible items came back as 'unknown' when scanning them.  Total BS.

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Thank you.

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